Youth & Peace UPH “Young Generation is the hope amidst an Era of Global Instability”.

There have been so many global issues lately that threatens global stability such as proxy war, child trafficking, drugs, terrorism, and many more. These global issues are also threatening Indonesia’s stability. However, we can still have hope, and our young generation is able to realize this hope because they are the future leaders who will be dealing with these problems. The discussion about these issues become the main goal of The Youth & Peace: Hope in an Era of Global Instability which was an event held on April 26, 2019 in D502 UPH Lippo Village; a final assignment for UPH International Relation students’ Capstone class.

This event was filled with 14 booths which represented 14 global issues which were shown to High School students who become the target participants. Along with the Marketing and Admission Department, 303 High School students from 14 schools in Bogor, Jakarta, and Tangerang was present in the event. The 14 issues presented in the booths are Migrant Workers, Foreign Support for Separatist Movement, Forest and Climate Change, Human Trafficking, Child Worker, Cyber Security and Espionage, Refugee and Displaced People, Fair Trade and Working Environment, Cultural Claims, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Territorial Dispute Including Illegal Fishing, Radicalism and Terrorism, and Human Security.

“With such an activity, we hope that these students, who will become a part of the society, are able to understand the current global issues and become the hope for our future by contributing in solving these problems. Through the exhibition, students are required to work in groups to analyze these phenomena through the perspective of International Relation theories, multidiscipline, secular perspective, and Christianity; then they have to present their analysis through their booths. The main goal of this event is to test students’ ability in working as groups and being involved in the process of re-presenting the global issues through exhibition and presentation, and to achieve the 5th level of education in the taxonomy bloom which covers three aspects; cognitive, affective and psychomotor,” explained Elyzabeth B. Nasution, the Head of Universitas Pelita Harapan International Relation Department.

She also added that this event involves high school students because it aims to encourage the awareness of the future leaders of this nation about the global issues of the world. Therefore, through this event, they will be equipped with strategic peacekeeping skill since as early as possible. Hopefully, this will help them to grow as the leaders who are aware of the global issues and will not become a part of these issues in the future. This event also becomes a way for high school students to get the overview of what can they learn in International Relation UPH, so that if they might join HI UPH, they are ready to be shaped and become a part of their generation who take their roles in keeping the world peace. (pl)
Students’ Testimonies
Ansell Hermawan
JAC School – 12th grade
“From all the booths, I really like the one that talks about Immigrant Workers and Child Workers. I really like this because I was able to learn about the current situation in Indonesia and the solution to this problem. Surely, I was able to widen my perspective and this whole event is really useful.”

Soh Nicaise Kenny
Jubilee School –11th grade
“I think, this event can make us, the young generation, to be more aware of the issues we are supposed to know about. So for example, if we attach importance to our culture, we will never have gotten it stole from us. This kind of thing can be told to our children and grandchildren, so this is very important.

Kemilau Bunga Hujan Saturindu
Sekolah Pilar Indonesia – 11th grade
“I really like the exhibition because they presented it so well, and I was able to understand it easily. The also answered every question that we asked. Moreover, because they knew that we are high school students, they explain in a way that us millennials understand; so that it’s not too complicated.”

Clemencie Celesta Dominique Gradea
Mahanaim – 11th grade
“This event is really useful for me. I learned that we could be the one who helps to solve a problem compared to be the one who only critiques the government and do nothing; so we can actually do something and we should give our best contribution.”