Does the Pandemic Make University Prospects Uncertain? UPH’s #Balikaja Program is the Answer.

After Covid-19 pandemic broke out, those of you planning to continue your studies abroad might have cancelled your plans due to the uncertainty of the situation. Let not the situation make you hopeless and cancel all your study plans. Paying attention to the situation, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Surabaya initiates #BalikAja program. With a quality equal to international qualities, this program can be an alternative for you to stay on track and proceeded on going to university albeit the circumstances.

“It all started from a simple realization that there will be a lot of prospective students who canceled their studies abroad, even the ones as close as out of town education. With that in mind, we present this #BalikAja program to provide higher education options for student as a form of our concern so that these students don’t have to postpone their education. This program also serves to give more advantages for them,” Dimas Pratama, Student Consultant for UPH Surabaya explains.

#BalikAja program is held as long as the Covid-19 virus is untamed and is planned to start on the 2020/2021 academic year. By signing up for this program, you can get up to 100% building fee waive!

“We chose “Balik Aja” as our program name so that it’s easier for students – especially the ones who had to cancel their plans to study abroad– to remember and help them understand that they didn’t have to go anywhere and come back to take their classes at UPH Surabaya,” Dimas says.

To join the program, there are a couple prerequisite academic terms and conditions that has to be met, being a grade 12 student or 1 year after graduation maximum with an average score of 8.00 on both grade 10 and 11 and give us a copy of your acceptance letter in an overseas university. Easy, right?

Sign up now! The registration quota is almost full! To register, you can contact UPH Surabaya’s Student Consultant Joshua 081330005037, Yoshua 082232564045, or Dimas 081334549848. For more information, you can visit our website at You don’t have to travel far for college, #BalikAja at UPH Surabaya!