Don’t Postpone Your Dreams, Continue Your Studies at UPH Surabaya.

Are you still hesitant whether you should continue college in midst of pandemic or not? Is your financial not going too well that it feels impossible to continue your studies? Worry not, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Surabaya Campus will answer your need to reach your dreams through #LanjutKuliah program. With a more affordable price with UPH.

#LanjutKuliah program is a special offer during the pandemic in order for students to be able to start the academic year 2020/2021 on time. This program is proof for UPH’s concern and commitment to give an opportunity for their students who wants to pursue higher education. Furthermore, this program also supports students’ parents economically affected by the pandemic through study fee deduction.

Vithalia from SMAN 1 Manado is one of UPH Surabaya’s prospective student who has chosen to continue her studies at UPH through this program. Vithalia admits that going to UPH has been one of her dreams because she believes in the connection and relationship she can have through UPH in order to support her future career.

“My hope is that through my studies at UPH I can be a student who is competent to compete in the global era, especially supported by a good campus life, adequate campus facilities, as well as an affordable price,” Vithalia explains.

By signing up through this program, you will be granted a 5 million Rupiahs building fee waive and first semester tuition fee waive. Interesting offer, right? In order to join the program, there are a few academic conditions you must meet, including being a grade 12 student or a high school graduate at a 1 year maximum as well as an average score of 8 for your grade 10 and 11 scores.

This program is open for all high school students across Indonesia who is interested to continue their studies at UPH Surabaya. UPH has undoubted education quality, proven by the various achievements won by students both in regional and national level. As a university, UPH emphasizes holistic and transformative education, spiritual and character. UPH further expands students’ capacity with various programs that will enhance your soft skill, including student organizations to train your leadership, public speaking, teamwork, networking, and everything else in between.

Are you interested to register? If you are, you can contact UPH Surabaya’s Student Consultant team (Dimas 081334549848). Or you can simply click on website for more info. What are you waiting for? Register now!