UPH’s Product Design Fair Invites Public to Learn Product Making.

There are many ways to share knowledge. It’s not always done in the classroom but can also be done in interactive activities like a workshop. This is what the School of Design did through its annual Product Design Fair. The fair, held from 8 to 9 July 2019 at UPH Campus Lippo Village, takes on the theme of ‘Bikin Bikin’ to share product making knowledge directly to the public.

This year, the Product Design Fair takes on the theme of ‘Bikin Bikin’ (to make), which is similar to what Product Design is all about. Through this workshop, UPH’s Product Design student facilitators hope to show their products to the public and to give them the opportunity in designing a product of their own.

Nadhifah, Head Event Coordinator of ‘Bikin Bikin’, explained, “Our event is comprised of workshops delving into various topics, such as Ceramic Painting, Leatherworking, Jewelry Making, and Resin Art Workshop. We chose these workshops because it is suited to picture product design to the public.”

In Ceramic Painting, students learn how to paint ceramic plates with cobalt coloring. In Leatherworking, students learn how to create a card wallet made of leather. In Jewelry Making, they learn how to make a brass ring. Finally, in Resin Art Workshop, they learn how to make keychains out of resin.

The activities of the workshops are brought to the public by students and professors of UPH’s Product Design: Wenseslaus Guantana (Product Design 2015) for Leatherworking, Jennifer Lianto (Product Design 2016) for Jewelry Making, Jasmine Tandao and Christabel Jovita (Product Design 2018) for Resin Art Working), and Geoffrey Tjaktra (Product Design Professor) for Ceramic Painting.

Nadhifah wishes that through these workshops, participants gain experience in product-making processes and will utilize it to create their own business. In the future, it is expected that Product Design Fair will continue with interesting themes each year.