UPH Talent Quest’: A Mission towards Talent Discovery.

On May 8, 2019, Grade 11 students of St Petrus Pontianak High School flocked into UPH Lippo Village Campus to join in the ‘UPH Talent Quest’. This event allows them to experience university life through a competition-style talent search. The 81 students race around campus, participating in different student activities set for them, collecting points that will determine their place in the winning ranks.

UPH’s Department of Marketing and Admissions explained that this program is important because most high school students are yet to discover their talents and passions. UPH wants to help them in the process, hoping that each student can leave with a fond memory from at least one of the 8 events prepared – that their talents can be discovered.

The 8 events, or posts, are set up by the Lighthouse Singer, Pelita Harapan Photography Club (PHPC), Manna Proxia Theatre (MPC), Modern Dance – Spirit Dance Company, Traditional Dance – Nusantara Dance Community, Movie Production Club, Mandarin Club, and Art Band UPH.

St Petrus students feel thrilled to be part of such an experience.

“This is my first time at UPH, so this event really helps me to know the campus. Also, the activities are far from boring and I also got to meet university students.” Caroline chirped.

Joseph Lim shared an equally enthusiastic testimony:

“We could play a wide variety of games. I like the ‘guessing film’ by the Movie Production Club the best, because it’s so fun and on trend. I also learned a lot about the campus, which makes me want to get here more!”

This event is hoped to get students to study and thoroughly search for their potentials, as well as be more familiar with UPH as a campus that enforces true holistic growth.