Music in You UPH: Exploring the Talent Interest of High School Students in the Field of Music.

Do you like listening to music? Or to make music? Or maybe both? Alphonse de Lamartine said that music is literature from the heart. So it can be interpreted that music can be a mouth for the inaudible heart. Music is something that should be studied professionally, but in fact there are not many educational institutions that present music as a study program. Nevertheless, Universitas Pelita Harapan cares about giving special attention, one of which is by providing a choice of the Conservatory of Music (CoM) Study Program since 2000. The consistency of UPH in music education has been seen through continuous fruit of critical and innovative musicians.

To introduce music education to high school students, UPH Conservatory of Music together with the Marketing and Admission Department held a Music in You workshop on April 5, 2019 on the 4th floor of the HOPE UPH Building, Lippo Village Campus.

Music in You is a workshop held to provide opportunities for direct experience to high school students who are interested in exploring and learning about the music field through 12 workshops presented. This workshop was facilitated directly by music lecturers as well as UPH CoM senior students who certainly have varied experiences.

The workshop, which was attended by 150 students from 13 schools from around Bandung, Jakarta, and Tangerang, was divided into 2 types; the Instrument for Classical (Piano, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Flute, Trumpet, Vocal) and the Instrument for Jazz and Pop (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drum, Vocal). Each student can choose one of 12 workshops to get an explanation as well as direct practice with the lecturers in a duration of approximately two hours.

Moreover, through this workshop, the lecturers shared their experiences in music and also gave a glimpse of music theories to students. So it’s not just a practice, but high school students also get an introduction to the theory and development of music at a glance. Antonius Sugeng Priyanto, S.Ag., B.C.M., M.Mus (Dean of the Conservatory of Music) on this occasion said that learning art like music is very important in life.

“Everything in your life is about art. Art colors the entire life of society and anything that gets a touch of Art gets value, has a higher value. Imagine: can robot make art? And in 2030, 200 million jobs will be replaced by robots, except work as an Artist. Because the robot doesn’t have an artist soul in it. So, if you want to invest your life, you better study Art. Because it will remain relevant and cannot be defeated by the Robot,” said Anthony enthusiastically.

Through the whole series of workshop activities, hopefully high school students that attended could be inspired and motivated to continue working in the arts, especially in music. Besides this activity, UPH Conservatory of Music can show the commitment of the lecturers and the quality of music education offered by UPH as a holistic education institution. (pl)




Student Testimonial

Muhammad Bari Muta’ali – SMAN 28 Kab. Tangerang (Jazz & Pop Guitar)

“Overall, in my opinion, it’s good, interesting, and very educational for me as a beginner in playing musical instrument. This program also makes me more interested and it becomes my choice for choosing the Music Department. Hopefully in the future, such workshop would be held again and more and more, inviting schools that are interested in the Music Department.”

Nicklas Amadeus – Spring Field High School (Classical Guitar)

“The program is exciting! I learn a lot and I don’t regret coming here. When I was in a Jazz & Pop Guitar workshop, I was given a lot of directive and positive criticisms from UPH Music Lecturers. Basically, it shows me what aspects do I need to fix in order to play guitar better.”