Encouraging Young People to be Impactful, UPH Presents Martin Anugrah from Cameo Project.

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.” It seems that the quote from Dave Willis is very appropriate to convey what Martin Anugrah delivered in the talk show he delivered at UPH Lippo Village on March 22, 2019.
It begins from the popularity of the vlog which began to develop since 2000s and was in demand by most young people, in particular, UPH held a Vlogger Talk Show hosted by Martin, a member of the Cameo Project.
Cameo Project is a group of creative members who create contents that not only to entertain but also inspires people and gives a positive influence to the audience of their work.
According to Martin, a successful content is not seen from how many views or the money, but how deep the content has an impact on one’s life.
“Contents, engagement or something that we post can have closeness and impact on the lives of viewers. If there is no meaning or impact, I guess I won’t feel proud or happy,” said Martin.
He further explained that the impact can be seen from the utilization of the technology, namely from the comments column available on youtube.
“We can see how the feedback is. For example, there is a comment; yes I also feel the same. Can represent the feeling of the audience, in my opinion, that is far more priceless than 1 to 2 million views.”
Even though it has produced so many popular videos for more than 11 years, Martin still has one video that is very memorable for him. He told me that through the video he worked on with his team, there was one person who could achieve his dream.
“I think the most memorable video for me is the Foxpop videos. The video is a collection of questions and answers in a topic of ‘what is your dream’. The question was asked to the people with varies social status, from upper middle to lower middle class.”
After that, Martin found something interesting; he told me that a few months later after the video was published, the person came to the Cameo Project office outside working hours to meet security.
“Sir, please let them know that I’m thankful because a few weeks after the video aired, I was able to leave for Umrah,” Martin said. “You’ll never know, because of the vlog, or not. But from that we can see, a simple thing like such as vlog can help someone to reach his dream.”
Martin hoped from his visit and sharing to UPH, he can give positive things for most high school students.
“We are here planting the seeds, so if there is a chance we should plant as many positive things as possible. Maybe we will not directly reap the rewards, but there are people around who will reap the rewards,” said Martin. ™