Soft Skills in Professional World: is it Important? UPH Industrial Engineering Invites Alumni to share the Solution in Improving Soft Skills.

Acknowledging the important role of human resource in a company, on January 31, 2019, the Industrial Engineering major of UPH held a seminar entitled ‘Application of HRM in Startup Company: Sleekr’ which took place in MYC UPH Lippo Village. The seminar discussed about a number of soft skills that are sought by most Human Resources Department with Yanti Wijaya, VP People of Sleekr who is also an alumni of Industrial Engineering UPH.
These days, the professional world is looking for more than a CV and diploma. They are looking for prospective employee’s soft skills and abilities upon interacting in a good manner with others. Because of such reason, this seminar will discuss a number of soft skills that are very crucial in the professional world, especially for job seekers.
Laurence, a lecturer of the Industrial Engineering major of UPH, explained that in the IE program, one of the most important thing that the student has to learn in an organization is integrated system. “As we know, the main factors of production are the 5Ms which stands for Man, Machines, Money, Method, and Materials. One of the most important one if man, because in every organization, there are people that we have to manage. Therefore, this seminar is very relevant with our program,” said Laurence.
In accordance to that, Yanti also explained that while working in the business sector we will be meeting many kinds of people, especially when we’re entering the Industrial Engineering sector.
“So, before managing people, we have to be able to manage ourselves first. We have to become independent, pro-active, we must not be selfish, confident, and many more. Later on, in the professional world, you all will need this in order to survive. Especially in the industry, we have to think about the most effective system for a company, both in the technological and the human resources aspect,” Yanti added.
In this seminar, the presenter discusses a lot of things, not just the skills that most company seek in their prospective employees, but also the application that can really be helpful in the Human Resources world; it is the Sleekr. This application can simplify the Human Resources’ Department work, because it consisted of a HR software and an accounting software. Through this application, attendance, leaves, claims, and payroll calculations, including the Calculation of Income Tax according to the 21st constitution, can be made easier.
“Technology is growing rapidly, so here, I want to introduce a technology that will help them when they are working in the near future. Through this, they will have already understand the ease of using an already existing Human Resources (HR) system; same thing goes with accounting. Therefore, if they are to be a business owner in the future, they can use this two integrated system; they are pretty good and effective,” Yanti explained.
The participants, who were mostly final year Industrial Engineering students, were pretty enthusiastic about the seminar.
“This seminar is really great, especially for final year students who are about to graduate. We can understand that a company will not just see out GPA, they’re looking for many other aspects such as performance, integrity, creative ideas, and many more,”

– Angel, Industrial Engineering 2016