UPH Alumni Center Inspires Young Professionals Through the Seminar ‘Leadership 4.0’.

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Alumni Center holds the ‘Leadership 4.0 Strategy’ seminar on May 17, 2019, at the Lounge of UPH’s Graduate Campus at the 3rd floor of Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta. This event is aimed to inspire and broaden the knowledge of all participants – young professionals, alumni, students, and the general public – to become leaders and key components in the industrial world in this digital era.

The keynote speaker, Caroline Riady, CEO of Siloam Hospitals Group, shared her experiences in the professional world – which inspire the participants, mostly consisting of young professionals within the UPH community and from the broader society. Caroline emphasized that there are no shortcuts to leadership. Real leadership is based on the values the leader holds.

“’Leadership 4.0’ is urgently needed because the world is now changing extremely rapidly. With digital technology dominating our lifestyle, there are numerous changes in our world – data, government systems, the economy. This calls for a leader that can lead the organization safely through all this dynamic. A leader should have a vision and a clear aim, as well as a heart to lead people towards that aim. Here, we can see that there is indeed no ‘shortcut’ to become a leader.” Caroline asserted.

The Director of Square Gate One and Espay, Joshua Dharmawan, who is also a member of the Industrial Engineering class of 2006, told the audience that in the business world, there are no competitors or competition – only partners.

“Too often, the Industry 4.0 era tends to force us to think of everyone as our competitors. We should not think of them as our competition; instead, we can see them as opportunities to broaden our network. If a connection is established, we can then build trust with them. Getting a partner’s trust is not about skill or reputation; it’s a matter of our ability to build a long-term relationship,” Joshua explained.

Yongky Angga, Head of UPH’s Alumni Center and Founder of FarmIndonesia, emphasized that before there can be advancements of technology in Indonesia, there has to be a strategy to improve the quality and the mindset of Indonesia’s human resources. In his business, Yongky focuses on the availability of his farmers. He believes that technological advancements that will happen in the years ahead will not change the quality of the farmers, which is why it is important to have a strategy that will succeed in transforming the mindset and quality of these farmers.
In addition, as Chairman of UPH’s Alumni Center, Yongky shared how the knowledge he learned at the university became useful when he came into leadership.

“Everything I have learned in UPH helps me significantly in my leadership and company management. These include the fishbone theory I learned in UPH MM, or the theories of business investment. Also, as leaders, we are required to make decisions and take action to ensure management efficiency, Yongky said.
The seminar, held by UPH’s Alumni Center, is one of the contributions from the alumni to UPH and to the general public. Currently, UPH has graduated more than 30,000 students committed to keep up with the developments in the education sector. To fulfill this goal, UPH has established strong connections with educational institutions, as well as industries, all over the world.

Yongky claims that a 30,000 alumni count means UPH can easily give a significant impact for the nation.
“We want to contribute to our alma mater and to the nation. This requires the collaboration of individuals. I think this is the time when all the impact that are previously made by one individual, become something that we do together. Through collaboration, we can transform Indonesia,” Yongky explained, when asked about the contribution of UPH alumni as a whole.

Through this seminar, it is hoped that alumni can continue to establish relations and build collaborations in order to bring our nation towards a better future. This seminar was attended by around 80 participants and is part of UPH’s Dies Natalis happening in September 2019. This year is a special one for UPH – this will be the 25th year of UPH’s contribution education.