Sports Department


Our vision is based on three guiding principles: the athletic perfection which focusing on excellence, a process-oriented pursuit of personal or team growth, and an eternal perspective in all things. With these principle we have built our foundation for all we have achieved and hope to achieve here within the UPH Sport Department.

Our History

In 2004 Mr Stephen Metcalfe was asked by Mr Johannes Oentoro to create a new Sports Department for UPH and was named its director. With the help and guidance from Mr James Riady, the Sports Department was established, and the facilities began to be built: the first is the sports centre, a multi-sport venue. The program has grown and has always maintained its strong vision and purpose. Since the beginning, the department has had success and has established itself as a major influencer among Indonesian sports organizations. The Lord willing, we will continue to pursue excellence as we strive to bring glory to God in all we do.

UPH Intercollegiate Team

UPH Intercollegiate teams are our collegiate sports team that consist of student-athlete who are actively participate in college level sports tournament as well as nation-wide sports events. Our student-athletes focus on competing and achieving on the highest level in their sports as well as in academic. These teams represent UPH at every sporting event/competition on National and International level.


ISL is a league between departments where students compete to represent their respective faculties/departments. Sports that are contested include basketball, soccer, swimming, futsal, and dodgeball.