Accountants in this rapid technology change era are not only required to adapt, but also need a plan and a visionary view of the development of the economic world in the future. This is no exception to the accounting profession. The increasing variety of jobs created by the relentless pace of technological innovation requires accountants to be able to apply their knowledge in various fields. In adapting to this era, it is necessary to have a clear and directed vision in developing skills according to industry demands, beyond the basic competence of accountants.

The Accounting Study Program of Universitas Pelita Harapan Surabaya Campus is here to help answer these demands through the implementation of the Webinar Series – “Accountant Professionals Visionary Matrix in High-Tech Era”. The event was divided into two implementations, where the first day webinar was successfully held on Friday, November 12, 2021, which was held as a form of the Student Association Work Program for the Accounting Study Program UPH Surabaya Campus for the 2021 – 2022 period. As a form of adjustment to current conditions, this webinar is held using Zoom Meetings media.

The event was opened with a warm welcome from the Executive Director of Pelita Harapan University, Surabaya Campus, Dr. Ronald, S.T., M.M., CSMA., CDM., PMA., who raised a discussion about how crucial accountants are to adapt to the current technological situation in the world. The Chairperson of the UPH Surabaya Campus Accounting Study Program, Vierly Ananta Upa, S.E., MSA., Ak., CA., was also present to warmly welcome the speakers who are alumni of the UPH Accounting Study Program, Surabaya Campus.

In this first series, participants from various institutions throughout Indonesia were presented with material sharing by 2 professional accountants. Yoanita Angeline Thelando, S.Ak as the first speaker brought her perspective on her personal experience serving as FMCG Relationship Management Associate in one of the largest e-commerce sites in Indonesia, Shopee.

“As a graduate majoring in accounting or accountants, now there is only one question. How well are you able to promote yourself?”, she said in the presentation session on the topic “Upcoming Challenges and Optimizing Role of Accountant by E-Commerce Digitalization”. According to her, developing skills as an accountant is an absolute obligation. Her personal experience who understands the importance of skills outside of accounting competence in her current career path, made her clearly convey the role of vision for an accountant. Without self-will to enrich skills, an accountant will not be able to have a career beyond his competence.

Jessica Febriani, S.Ak. gave her perspective as an Auditor at KAP Benny, Tony, Frans, and Daniel Surabaya as resource persons in the second session. The context of his work, which is still closely related to the world of accounting, gives a different view from the discussion in the first session. For her, it is undeniable that currently, having independence, being thorough, careful, and mastering the basics of accounting alone is not enough. Changes in the method of recording, archiving, to the implementation of accounting activities due to a touch of technology encourage auditors to seem to compete with technology. This topic leads to a common question accountants ask whether an auditor can be replaced by a system basis.

“There’s no need to worry friends. The auditor assesses the fairness of the company’s financial statements, so that no system is able to provide an opinion like a human auditor,” he said with emphasis. According to her, the accounting basis cannot be abandoned when talking about the vision of an accountant.

In order to dissect the main topics and objectives of the webinar discussion, Frandy Efraim Fritz Karundeng, SE, MSA., showed his presence as a moderator at the introduction to the material session to lead a question-and-answer session which was greeted with enthusiasm by the participants, although several questions had not been asked to be answered due to the many questions raised. enter. The whole series of events which were attended by various groups in Indonesia took place without any significant problems. HMPS Accounting UPH Surabaya Campus and the entire committee would like to thank all parties who contributed to the success of this event. See you at the Webinar Series – “Accountant Professionals Visionary Matrix in High-Tech Era” Day 2! – El.