UPH Surabaya Campus COVID-19 Vaccination.

Coronavirus disease-19 or better known as COVID-19 has spread all over the world in the last two years. This has caused many countries to be affected, including Indonesia. These impacts are certainly very detrimental where COVID-19 claimed many lives and at the same time harmed the country because many business sectors had stopped operating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This of course requires quick response from all parties to work together so that the COVID-19 pandemic can end soon, and we can all live normal lives again. Various efforts have been made to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, from maintaining health protocols to vaccinating. Vaccination continues to be intensified to create herd immunity to minimize the chances of COVID-19 to spread and be suppressed, so that finally we can all live normal again.

The Student Association Law Study Program (HMPS Hukum) initiated a movement to organize COVID-19 vaccination in collaboration with the City of Surabaya through the Surabaya City Health Office, and the City of Tomorrow Mall Surabaya, so that the people of Surabaya and its surroundings get immunity from COVID-19 and finally Indonesia. can achieve herd immunity.

This Covid-19 Vaccination activity has a vaccine allocation of 500 Vaccine Doses, for the first and second doses for SINOVAC (CORONAVAC) Vaccine Recipients. The targets of this vaccination activity are the UPH Academic Community, Surabaya Campus and families who have not received the vaccine, employees, and employees in the City of Tomorrow Surabaya, junior and senior high school students (12 years and over) and residents who have not received the vaccine.

The UPH Surabaya Campus Covid-19 Vaccination activity has been successfully carried out on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, at 08.00 – 14.00 WIB. Besides being supported by the Surabaya City Health Office and the City of Tomorrow Mall Surabaya, this vaccination activity was also directly assisted by Health Workers from the Gayungan Health Center Surabaya, and an additional committee from the UPH Student Executive Board, Surabaya Campus. Not only that, Gayungan District and the Surabaya City Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force, as well as Satpol PP officers from Covid Hunter Gayungan District also supported this activity.

With all the existing efforts and support, the UPH Surabaya Campus Covid-19 Vaccination Activity was successfully carried out with the target number of people receiving the vaccine as many as 155 (one hundred and fifty-five) people. The targets who successfully received the vaccine came from various circles, both from junior and high school students, families from UPH Surabaya students and alumni, UPH Surabaya Campus students, surrounding communities, and visitors to the City of Tomorrow Mall.

Because the venue is quite spacious, and the location and lane arrangements are in accordance with the requirements of the Surabaya City Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force, this activity did not cause any crowds and the implementation was very smooth without long queues.

This activity was finished at 14.00 and closed with the Committee from the UPH Law HMPS Surabaya Campus thanking the Health Workers from the Gayungan Health Center who were willing to serve the target recipients of the vaccine, to the Surabaya City Health Office represented by Mr. Lukman who had been present from the time of the event. from start to finish, as well as all event assistants from UPH Surabaya Campus.

We hope that through the UPH Surabaya Campus Vaccination Activities organized by the UPH Surabaya Campus Law HMPS, this can be useful for all target recipients of vaccines and accelerate herd immunity in the beloved city of Surabaya.

Healthy Greetings! VIVA LEGAL! Jesus bless you!