Law Career 101: Work Opportunities in the World of Law.

The active role of Universities is very much needed in providing education and solution to current issues to the community. Especially in the current condition, people are required to be more creative and find strategies to deal with the pandemic situation. On Saturday, May 8, 2021, the Student Association of the Law Program Study at Universitas Pelita Harapan Surabaya Campus held a Law Career 101 Webinar with the theme “Job Opportunities in the Legal World” with 4 extraordinary speakers, namely: Dr. Sari Mandiana, S.H., M.S., who is the Head of the UPH Law Study Program, Surabaya Campus, Mrs. Dr. Andyna Susiawati Achmad, S.H., M.Kn., M.H. a notary who is also active in teaching, Mr. Benny Muliawan, S.E., M.H. an Intellectual Property Consultant namely the founder of BNL Patent, and Mr. Michael Sugijanto, BA., S.H., M.H. who is an advocate.

This webinar was hosted by Joshua Evandeo Irawan, S.H., M.H, and Steven Jonathan Valentino and was attended by more than 300 Participants from various regions and circles. The webinar was opened with remarks from the Executive Director of UPH Surabaya Campus, Mr. Dr. Ronald, S.T., M.M., CSMA., CDM., PMA, and continued by the Head of the UPH Law Study Program, Surabaya Campus, Mrs. Dr. Sari Mandiana, S.H., M.S. Not only giving a speech, but Mrs. Sari also provided basic materials and foundations regarding the legal profession. The next session there was Mrs. Dr. Andyna, who explained the ins and outs of the profession of a Notary. Mrs. Dr. Andyna explained the tips for becoming a notary, what a law student must go through to become a notary, and gave important tips to the webinar participants about being a good notary.

The next session was delivered by Mr. Benny Muliawan, S.E., M.H founder of BNL Patent who has won several muri records. Mr. Benny explained that Indonesia has a lot of intellectual property that has not been registered and makes it collide with one another. According to the presentation, this is what drives the Intellectual Property Profession, either becoming an IP Consultant or an IP Lawyer, to become one of the most promising professions.

The last session was delivered by Mr. Michael Sugijanto, BA., S.H., M.H who is the Managing Partner of ANSUGI LAW. Mr. Michael explained that his profession apart from being an advocate, Mr. Michael also developed law (Legal Innovation) through ANSUGI LAW. Mr. Michael gave tips to become an advocate, especially regarding the Advocate’s code of ethics. In addition, Mr. Michael also provides a lot of motivation, input for fresh graduates from the Faculty of Law at any campus so that when working in the legal world, they must use their heart and brain, and must always be willing to learn, and of course, they must be ready to face various challenges. Each participant seemed very enthusiastic in participating in this webinar, this could be seen in every session, many participants asked interesting questions, which were then responded to directly by each of the speakers.

This webinar was finally wrapped up by Mrs. Dr. Sari Mandiana at the end of the session and closed by the host. We hope that through this Webinar many positive values ​​will be obtained by Participants through extraordinary speakers, especially graduates from the Faculty of Law of any campus who are still confused in determining a career. Look forward to other webinar programs from the Law Study Program at Universitas Pelita Harapan Surabaya Campus, which are expected to be able to contribute and educate the surrounding community.