UPH’s Student Athlete Achieves Women’s Singles Champion Title in National Sports Competition LIMA.

In the national sports competition Liga Mahasiswa (LIMA), a student-athlete of UPH Eagles competing under the badminton category won the title of Women’s Singles Champion. The finals, held on 2 April 2019, was a heated match between UPH Eagles’ and STKIP Pasundan’s students. With the resulting points of 21-19 and 21-13, the winner was UPH Eagles’ very own Vioni Florencya. This proud achievement was once earned before by Florencya when she achieved second place at the regional level.

Florencya is not only a brilliant student-athlete; She is also a responsible student academically. A recipient of a full-tuition scholarship studying Communications, Florencya juggles her academic and non-academic activities, such as being an active member of UPH’s broadcasting clubs: UPH TV and UPH Radio. Florencya has her responsibilities as a student-athlete and as a UPH student, yet she manages to handle both of them effectively, as shown by her current GPA of 3.71 and her title in badminton.

Florencya stated that as a part of the millennials, she realized that we have such a big potential in academics and in non-academics. She said, “Both can be done equally, even more so because we are more productive in our age.”

However, this is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, Florencya has her own strategy in order to manage her time, making her consistent in her academic and non-academic achievements. According to her time management strategy, putting priorities on activities is her main strategy. To be able to judge which activities are more important and to be able to work hard in each activity are the challenging aspects to her strategy; As Florencya recalled, she struggled with these challenges when she was preparing for the LIMA Nationals.

“Before going on the nationals, I must go through the regionals first. However, I could not continue the match because of my hand and foot injuries. I am still grateful that I was able to achieve second place. After that, I prepared myself for the