Kalina Gita Bernadette, student from UPH Surabaya Campus, is ready to make a positive impact through her role as an Ambassador of ONE-UPH 2024.

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) held the Grand Final of the Ambassadors of ONE-UPH 2024 event on June 10, 2024. The Grand Final featured three winners from UPH campuses: Lippo Village Campus, Medan Campus, and Surabaya Campus. Among these three winners, only one was chosen to become the representative student of UPH, known as the Ambassador of ONE-UPH.

The three finalists competing in the Grand Final of Ambassadors of ONE-UPH were Kayla Josephine Wahyudi, representing UPH Lippo Village 2024 (International Relations 2023); Florenza Jovana, representing UPH Medan Campus 2024 (Information Systems 2023); and Kalina Gita Bernadette, representing UPH Surabaya Campus 2024 (Management 2023).

The Ambassadors of UPH program has been organized by the UPH Student Executive Board (BEM) since 2015. This event aims to find representatives from UPH students who can make a positive impact and serve as UPH ambassadors, embodying UPH’s vision, mission, and graduate profile.

Under the theme “METANOIA,” this year, students were encouraged to undergo profound transformation in mind and heart. The Ambassador of ONE-UPH 2024 will experience a journey toward impactful leadership and positive change.

In her speech, Samantha Annabella Martono, Chairperson of BEM UPH for the 2023-2024 period and a student of the Psychology program at UPH Lippo Village Campus, class of 2021, said, “Today is a special moment as we gather to celebrate the remarkable spirit and achievements of the Ambassadors of ONE-UPH candidates. Through hard work and effort, they have learned to reflect the true essence of the Ambassadors of ONE-UPH.”

Charlene Louisa, Chairperson of the Ambassadors of UPH Lippo Village 2024 committee and a student of the Management program at UPH, class of 2022, also delivered a speech. She views Ambassadors of ONE-UPH not just as a competition but as a platform to train and transform participants into better individuals.

“Throughout this journey, the Ambassadors of UPH have shown unwavering commitment to supporting positive change and inspiring others. May Kalina and Florenza embody the role of Ambassadors of ONE-UPH to glorify God,” Charlene stated.

**Q&A Session**

The event continued with a Q&A Session, consisting of three rounds, where participants were given two minutes to answer each question posed. The candidates were asked to respond to questions from the judges regarding the role of the younger generation in achieving Indonesia Emas 2045 and its challenges in the VUCA era (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity); the issue of harmful orientation or hazing practices during student welcoming events; and issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT).

The panel of judges included Dr. (Cand.) Andry Panjaitan, S.T., M.T., CPHCM., Associate Vice President of Student Development UPH; Maria Natalia Satyarti Aryani, Psi., M.M., M.T., Manager of Student Organization and Activities Development UPH; Daniel Cassa Augustinus, SS., MM.Par., Ph.D (Cand.)., CHCSA., Dean of UPH Medan Campus; Dr. Fajar Sugianto, S.H., M.H., Head of UPH Surabaya Campus; and Melati Tedja, Miss Indonesia Education and Culture 2024.

At the end of the event, the judges announced the selected candidate and crowned Kalina Gita Bernadette as the Ambassador of ONE-UPH 2024. Responding to this achievement, Kalina said, “I believe this is not the end of our struggle, but rather the beginning because the true winner is the one who can endure until the end and dedicate themselves fully. Therefore, I ask for guidance from the committee, judges, lecturers, and everyone who has worked together in guiding me to be the salt and light of the world and beneficial to those around us.”

Congratulations to Kalina Gita Bernadette! The Ambassadors of UPH program aims to develop students’ soft skills such as leadership, public speaking, critical thinking, and more. It is hoped that this program will enhance the quality and competence of the students.

As representatives of UPH, it is important for them to understand and internalize every element and profile of a UPH graduate: being a scholar exposed to a Christian liberal arts education (Scholar), being a visionary leader for transformation (Leader), and being a citizen who serves God, Indonesia, and their community (Citizen). Through various programs and activities, UPH remains committed to preparing students to experience transformation, becoming graduates who fear God, are competent, professional, and ready to make a positive impact.