Student Achievements


Reward isn't about getting paid for what you do. True reward is when you reach the completion of your effort; it's when you and others can enjoy the fruit of your own work. Whether through competition or student project, we all celebrate the result of student works just as when God saw all that he had made, saying 'It is very good'.

Raynaldy Kent (Law 2018)

2nd Winner of National Shinkyokushinkai Competition Kokoro Cup 2019 held by WKO SHINKYOKUSHINKAI PENGDA JATIM

This is a special competition for me, because my competitors are various from other cities in Indonesia. I wasn’t too confident as some of them are my seniors, but my friends’ supported me a lot and gave me suggestions to motivate me. When I got the 2nd Place on this match, I remember what my sensei told me. The title is the bonus. The most important thing is having courage. A champion showed how hard our practices, how discipline we are, how our effort for the match. So, when I got the 2nd Place, for me that is a gift for my continuous and super hard practices. Studying in UPH is not a reason for me to stop practicing kyokushin. UPH always support and value our talent and skill.

Yolanda Luciana Tuasela (Management 2015)

Named the 5th Runner Up of Miss Indonesia 2019

Having a tomboy style didn’t deter this 21 years young girl to join in this prestigious event, because she though there is nothing wrong to be a woman with tomboy style because the identity as a woman still exist and never gone. With her life motto “Don’t think less of yourself because you are young, be the inspiration from your words and actions,” Yola is ready to represent Maluku in Miss Indonesia 2019 event. Yola that study in Universitas Pelita Harapan Surabaya has a black belt in Karate, and Yola hope that through Miss Indonesia, she can raise Maluku tourism in National and International level.

Marcel Lucas Lianto (Management 2019)

Outstanding Sport Achievements

Having 5 achievements in swimming at 2 level of competition, which are:

  1. Provincial Sports Week (PORPROV) JATIM VI, 06-13 July 2019, at Gresik Regency:
    • 2nd Place, 4x200m Freestyle Relay Men
    • 2nd Place, 4x100m Freestyle Relay Men
    • 3rd Place 4x100m Medley Relay Men
  2. National Championship (KEJURNAS) Pre-PON XX Papua, 25-27 October 2019, at Sidoarjo:
    • 3rd Place, 50m Men Butterfly Stroke Group 1
    • 3rd Place, 100m Men Butterfly Stroke Group 1

Falcons (Basket Putra)

Champion of National Basketball Competition 2019

Champion title has finally been achieved with brilliant by Falcons at 6 November 2019 in Basketball match in EST Brawijaya National Competition 2019. With the score 83-61 for UPH Surabaya Campus against UDAYANA. UPH Surabaya Campus Men’s Basketball Team becomes 1st Place Winner in this competition and brought the University name into one of those who has Sports Achievements.