20 Februari 2019
"Future Outlook Of Accounting" Seminar
Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday, February 15, 2019 at the UPH Surabaya Auditorium, Accounting Study Program Students received very valuable insight about the role of accountants in the future at seminar held by the CPA Australia. This seminar is one form of academic collaboration between UPH Accounting Study Program and CPA Australia, while also strengthening good collaboration with corporate practitioners under the Lippo Group.



At the first session of the seminar, Mr. Reza Haviez, Country Manager and Chief Representative of CPA Australia gave students material about “Future Challenge and Opportunities for Accountants”. If we talk about the future, it is definitely related to “technology”, this is what Mr. Reza tried to emphasize. Changes in people's behavior and increasing technology, especially the internet and smartphones, make accountants must understand technology and how students as a future accountant can take advantage of technological developments in solving various problems that occur. On this dynamic basis, Accounting students are invited to become Chief Financial Officers who not only help the CEO but become partners for the CEO. The important thing that future accountants must have are Conflict Resolution Skills and EQ (Emotional Quotient). Roles that will never be replaced by machines are how accountants can solve problems that occur in the company and emotional intelligence that are never separated from humans problems themselves.



At the second session, Mr. Reza talked about the Australian CPA program. Programs that can make the Australian CPA create leaders in the global environment. This vision is of course in line with the vision of UPH for its graduates “ create accountants who are able to compete with all accountants from other countries”.


Don’t trust in such things call “Jack Pot” or “Quick Win”. Smart process is the key. Start your process today and I’ll see you in next 5 years (Irwan Djaja, 2017).