Student Services Department

Students as parts of the university are very potential in becoming Future Leaders who possess True Knowledge, Faith in God, & Godly Character. Student Services programs are creating UPH students to be excell both in academics & non academics in the christian values, and also responsive in facing the globalization era by encouraging good character & personality, analytical thinking skill, & organizational skill in problem solving.



  1. Student Organization and Activity (SOA) : MPM, BEM, HMJ, Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM).
  2. Student Development Program (SDP): Tutorials, Club, Language, Leadership, Study Tour, Seminar/Training/Workshop, Discussion Group, Civil Ministry (Pengabdian Masyarakat), and Mentoring System.
  3. Sport & Art
  4. Career Development Centre (CDC)


Student Activity Gallery 

1. Batikku



2. Mixed Youth Choir Competition (MYCC)



3. UPH Surabaya in Action



4. Miss UPH Surabaya


5. UPH Week Spectacular