30 July 2018
Sharing Spirit Of Togetherness In UPH Surabaya Campus Management Outreach Program 2018
July 1st - 2nd, 2018 at Kromengan District, Malang Regency, East Java.

The development of rural area in order to improve the welfare of the local community becomes one of the goals of the government. To help the goals, UPH Surabaya conducted annual event to carry out several programs that would involve students, local community, and also the lecturers.  “Management Outreach Program” is annual event conducted by Management Study Program at UPH Surabaya. Every year, students of the study program planned, conducted, and carried out an event that would help the locals to and surrounding environment.


This year outreach program was conducted on July 1st - 2nd, 2018. During the weekends, students would have time to visit a suburb area in Peniwen are in Kromengan District, Malang Regency in East Java. The aim of this year outreach program is to build a good relationship between the locals with UPH Surabaya, provide a presentation to motivate locals, fix several housework, planting durian seed for each of household, and also to teach the students how to put aside the busy schedule in the city, and take a short break to stay in a village. 



During the scheduled day, students arrived and interact with the locals and talked about several programs that will be conducted. The students came to the location and allocated several students to accommodate with the meals, and several students to fix several house works of the locals. In the afternoon, Yanuar Dananjaya Bsc., MM. presented several financial planning and financial management for small families. The gathering was attended by all the students and the local community, especially the housewives. Participants were very enthusiastic about the family finance and how to manage their money. In addition to the delivery of materials, the participants also shared and asked question about the material.



During night time, the students interacted with locals with bon fire to lit up some enthusiasm, along with roasted corn and barbeque. Students played games in their free time and enjoyed the rural environment, away from the busy schedule that they are used to. Locals had allocated several house for the students to sleep in, and in the morning, the event was continued by planting durian seeds. The aim was to give one seed to one household, hoping that in the near future, they can harvest the fruits for themselves or to be sold. After the plantings, the students prepared their stuff to go back to Surabaya. This event is hoped to be one of the ways for the students to be concerned and devoted themselves to the wider community through Management Outreach Program in order to create the next generation of dutiful and virtuous nation.