24 November 2017
National Seminar “Peran Kreatif Pemuda dalam Membangun Persatuan Indonesia”
21 November 2017

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) Universitas Pelita Harapan held National Seminar titled “Peran Kreatif Pemuda dalam Membangun Persatuan Indonesia” on 21 November 2017. This seminar invited Drs. H. Saifullah Yusuf (Vice Governor of East Java), Prof. Dr. (H.C.) Dahlan Iskan (CEO Jawa Pos Group), Aryo Seno Bagaskoro (Young Activist), and Antonius MB, S. Kom., M.Med. Kom. (Founder of @IDEONESIA) to present the seminar. About 300 participants attended the seminar. They are UPH students and lecturers, High School students, and teachers.


Drs. H Saifullah Yusuf said,"This seminar is the proof that young generations show their concern to Indonesia. They have the creativity and innovation by utilizing technology." He stated that he is ready to facilitate young entrepreneurs to develop their business. The facilities include special area that serves a gathering place for young entrepreneurs. He also added that everyone should support young generation and facilitate them to develop themselves to gain a brighter future. Gus Ipul gave appreciation for positive activities through seminars like this as young generation can continue to strengthen harmony and campaign unity as part of the Nation and the State of Indonesia.


Prof. Dr. (H.C.) Dahlan Iskan encouraged parents to remind and guide their children not forced them to do something. Dahlan Iskan said that young people will thrive if they got the chance. He opened discussion with the audience and motivated them by sharing about his life.
He said, “When we are sure about something, keep on going. When you find something worth keeping, make sure you grab it with both arms and don’t let it go.” He also encouraged the audience to be brave enough stepping forward to chase the dreams, take the risks, and be responsible of doing something entrusted to us.


Antonius MB, S. Kom., M.Med. Kom. and Aryo Seno Bagaskoro shared their ideas about youths contribution in creative and innovative industry. Mr. Antonius found IDEONESIA to accommodate young creative creators to establish their ideas, inventions, and innovations digitally. Digital era has changed human’s culture. These days, it’s easier for young people to operate and utilize internet so they got a big chance to collaborate and work together for a better Indonesia. Aryo Seno on his age has a deep thought for Indonesia. Aryo said that these years are the time for young people to rise up and do something for our community, society, and country.

The competition held to enliven the event. The artworks were the proof that everyone can share their ideas through any media. It can be by words, arts, speech, or anything else. Young people’s ideas are the riches of Indonesia. It can build a better Indonesia when everyone in this country unite, collaborate the ideas, and deliver the ideas well.