20 September 2017
Week Of Art UPH Surabaya Campus “Satu Dalam Budaya”
4th - 8th September 2017 at UPH Surabaya Campus and City Of Tomorrow Surabaya

          As the premier event of Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) UPH Surabaya Campus, Week of Art was a massive triumph of celebrating the cornucopia of Indonesian heritage. Conducted for 5 days from 4th - 8th September 2017, they successfully conveyed the ambience of “Indonesia” to UPH Surabaya Campus' Student Lounge, and then wrapped up charmingly with the closing in City of Tomorrow’s Atrium Hall. About 1200 participants were either attended the workshops, performed in the closing stage.





          Four workshops were delivered by distinguished professionals from Surabaya and Bojonegoro. The first workshop, which was the Batik workshop was conducted by Mr. Ahmad Shodiqur from Batik Training Center Bojonegoro. Subsequently, Ms. Sinta Alwia from Karikatur Surabaya coached the participants of Caricature Workshop. Moreover, a Cooking Demo of chicken with salted egg curry sauce by Chef Benny was held on the third day, followed by a cooking tournament. The final workshop on the fourth day were doodling and coloring workshop by Ms. Yenny Agustine and Ms. Melisa Mariani from UPH Surabaya Campus. Aside from having four workshops, the inner part of UPH Surabaya’s Student Lounge was once an art gallery displaying the Indonesia’s archipelago.



          Reached its peak on Friday, 8 September 2017 in City of Tomorrow’s Atrium Hall, Week of Art’s closing ceremony was packed with performance from Toraja and Ambon communities, top 3 from the prior UPH Surabaya Campus Festival’s Band High School Competition, and so on. In addition, four majors in UPH Surabaya Campus, which are Accounting, Management, Psychology, and Law did some number of play-acts pertaining to Indonesia’s essential mores, in order to win the annual UPH Surabaya Campus’ Art Performance Championship. In the end, the three judges, Mr. Erwin K. Julistiono, Mr. James Wijaya, and Ms. Elin Merrylin, conferred the first champion title to the Management team, Psychology as the runner-up, Accounting on the third place, and last but not least, Law on the fourth place. Week of Art UPH Surabaya Campus 2017, entitled “Satu Dalam Budaya” was a felicitous media to ameliorate our comprehension about the cultural diversity of our homeland, Indonesia.