05 May 2017
Coffeepedia: Coffee Toffee Goes to UPH Surabaya
On Thursday, April 20, 2017, Coffee Toffee visited UPH Surabaya through Coffeepedia.




Coffee Toffee visited UPH Surabaya through Coffeepedia on Thursday, 20 April 2017. Two Junior Baristas, two Silver Baristas, and one Coffee Expert came to share about manual coffee brewing. Students, lecturers, and staffs were invited to this event. UKM Food & Cooking was also excited to learn about manual brewing. Mr. Dandy opened the event by introducing the team. Pakde, the Coffee Expert of Coffee Toffee, explained the history of coffee, who has invented coffee, and how coffee was known by Indonesian.




Coffee Toffee discussed about Arabica on this event. Pakde explained that Arabica coffee. He compared Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee. Arabica has less caffeine and it makes Arabica doesn’t taste bitter. Arabica is harder to tend to on the farm, has a lower yield and is more sensitive to insects. Arabica is also more expensive than Robusta. Indonesia has various coffee bean. At this chance, Coffee Toffee brought Bali Kintamani and Flores Bajawa beans.


They also demonstrated how to brew coffee manually. There are three kinds of manual brewing demonstrated, which are French Press, V60, and Aero Press. French press produced richer taste of coffee, besides V60 produced the lighter coffee taste. Aero Press improved the flavor of the coffee. At the end of the workshop, some students tried to do manual brewing. Daren Hugo (Law 2016) brewed the coffee using French Press method. Sri Nurhasanah (Management 2015) tried to brew using V60 method. Joshua Evandeo Irawan (Law 2015) chose to brew using Aero Press. All other participants could taste the brewed coffee freely.