01 July 2016
Psychology Students of UPH Surabaya on Monev PKM-P
Proposal of PKM-P (Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa-Penelitian) was accepted by the government

On February 2016, proposal of PKM-P (Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa-Penelitian) was supported by the government. Ellysa Verdyana, Kezia Lewitra and Grasia Kristiana (Psychology 2014), made a proposal with the topic “Efektivitas Pelatihan REACH (Responsibility Emphaty Art Character Humanity) untuk Menekan Perilaku Bullying pada Remaja”. This research was one of their effort to reduce bullying behavior.

On 6- 7 June 2016, they started REACH training in a Junior High School at Surabaya. They are very grateful because they can finish the training well. They can learn many thing from this research.

On 17 June 2016, LPPM held monev (Monitoring and Evaluation) internal at UPH Surabaya. On 18 June 2016, Dikti held monev external at Universitas Negeri Surabaya. They presented their research progress at monev. They met many students from many universities. This gave them new experience to present their reasearch to public