21 January 2016
UPH Surabaya Students at 4th RMUTR ASEAN Youth Camp
4th ASEAN Youth Camp by Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin (RMUTR) is held on 14th December 2015 – 29th December 2015 in Thailand

Opening Ceremony with Prime Minister (Blue Cloth in Middle) and Every Country Representative

As ASEAN countries facing incoming ASEAN Economy Community which was opened on 31st December 2015, 4th ASEAN Youth Camp by Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin (RMUTR) is held on 14th December 2015 – 29th December 2015 in Thailand. Four of UPH Surabaya students are delegated. They are David Zakharia, Elizabeth Katherine, Yohana Alvania, and Tasia Loekito who’s majoring in International Business Management. This camp was being held in purposes so students from many different ASEAN countries can share and learn each other of each country’s condition and problems regarding incoming ASEAN Economy Community including Socio-Cultural, Political-Security, and Major Case Problem related to the free movement of labor.

There are in total nine countries that joined the camp, which are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippine as ASEAN Representative and China, Korea, and Japan as ASEAN +3 Representatives. Total students joined the camp is 88 students as all participants have different study field and background. It’s such a great experience for everyone to know and learn each other. Indonesian students proudly introducing Indonesian culture, tradition, even local food as they brought some Sale Pisang and Madu Mongso as snacks for everyone in the camp to tried and positive responses are gained. They also performed traditional dance named Poco-Poco as so everyone can join the dance in the farewell party event.


UPH Surabaya Students : In Front of RMUTR after Mask Painting

The Camp was opened on 18th December 2015 and was attended by Local Governor and Prime Minister as every representative of the each countries wore National Costumes. The camp lasted for fourteen days as many activities are being done such as Lecturing, Presentations and Case Study, Thai and ASEAN food Cooking, Thai Painting class, Mask Painting Class, and many others. The students also invited to travelling around Thailand and see local places such as Local Markets, Temples, and also Government Centre of Nakhon Pathom Province to have a talk with local Governments.

Most of the activities helped students to enhance their capabilities, learning about the different cultures from each countries. Overall, the camp has provided a strong base for all students to learn and experience international relations, study of the incoming ASEAN Economy Community problems, ideas, also work opportunities, and long lasting friendship in the future.


David H. Zakharia (IBM 2013) : Best Male Participant by Staff’s Choice