27 August 2015
Kyungsung University Exchange Students Program 2015
The third batch of the Exchange students of Kyungsung University Korea are starting their classes

Universitas Pelita Harapan has defined its organizational vision and mission to emphasize a balanced and integrated education, encompassing the arts, science and technology and strong spiritual values. The international program is one of the ways of UPH to support its organizational Vision and Mission. From several good relationship with Universities abroad, Kyungsung University in Busan, Korea is one of them. During the UPH Festival Surabaya, the new students are welcomed by the Faculty, Students’ Organizations, and Students’ Activity Club and also formally, the Festival was closed in Surabaya Town Square.

In UPH Surabaya, a new school year has started. The third batch of the Exchange students of Kyungsung University Korea are starting their classes. For an overview, Kyungsung University is a private university in Busan, South Korea. It is located in the district of Nam-gu, southwest of the famous Haeundae beach. UPH Surabaya are welcoming them warmly and the exchange students do add more networks, friends, and also different point of view of so many things they can share. The third batch consist of Anna (Jeon Da Eun), Jenny (Kim Jeni), Lucy (Son Yeonju)‏, and Noah (Baek Inwoo)These exchange students can get a lot of benefits from their four month stay in Surabaya. Academically, they are learning from the classes they are taking and also interaction with the lecturers. Non academically, these exchange students also learned the culture, social and norms of Indonesia.

Several students are helping with the accomodation for these students and yet they become new friends. Several classes that they took require them to work in teams, doing presentations, and be prepared for creating CV and job interiews. They are taking English class, Marketing Class, and Communication Class. Seeing so many Korean companies in Indonesia, this will be a good start for them if they are interested working for Korean company in Indonesia. This Exchange program will be a good collaboration between UPH Surabaya students and the exchange students. The end result of this program is to strengthen the good relationship between two schools. For the exchange students and also their new friends, they can gain a global perspective engage in hands-on learning and also learn a new foreign language.