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Psychology as the study of human behavior is a discipline that has been symbiotic with various fields in which humans behave: educational, social, cultural, economic, political, and so on. In the development of Indonesia, which is known as one of the biggest democratic country in the world, the biggest obstacle faced is the problem of corruption and other negative behaviors such as aggressiveness, sadism, and sexual harassment. On the other hand, professional capability of human resources in Indonesia is still relatively low, even among ASEAN countries. Referring to the things mentioned above, the role of psychology becomes very important. The fields of study in psychology include educational, industrial and organizational, social, clinical, developmental, counseling, mental health, and so on (Prof. Dr. Marthen Pali, M.Psi - Dean of Faculty of Psychology)





Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental function. The objective of this program is to produce Bachelor of Psychology who understands the basic knowledge of psychology and observation techniques which can be used to interpret human behavior according to the principles of psychology, understands the different kinds of psychological measurement tools as well as their functions and benefits, understands the ethical code in psychology and have the ability to conduct research in the field of psychology.

The curriculum is designed with a total of 144 credits, 111 credits equip students with competence in the field of psychology as general psychology, personality psychology, research methodology, and the final project, while the other 33 credits, which are included in the group of Liberal Arts, equip students with the soft skills needed in life as character development, critical thinking, and leadership.

Learning process is carried out with "student centered learning" strategy where students are actively involved to conduct discussions and presentations so that students are stimulated to think actively. Lecturers act as facilitators who are responsible in maintaining the flow of the discussion, as well as providing useful inputs.

Students are also introduced to the real world through study excursion activities, community service, and internships. Through study excursions, students are invited to get to know the activities undertaken by the profession of psychology in the situation of industrial, clinical, and education directly, by visiting the company, psychiatric hospitals, and schools. Through community service and internships, students are invited to apply the knowledge they have mastered to help the community. Students are also invited to participate in research conducted by the lecturers so that the transfer of knowledge can be developed well.





To promote learning through case study and problem solving, three concentrations allow students to choose based on interest in industrial and organizational psychology, clinical psychology, and educational psychology.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology focuses on how to optimize the existing human resources, either by changing the situation of physical environment or changing the patterns of behavior and interaction in the work environment. Career opportunities for this concentration are in companies, factories, government offices, training agencies, career development center.

Clinical Psychology focuses on clinical issues which includes mental disorders and various kinds of clinical therapy. Career opportunities for this concentration are in hospitals, clinics, mental health hospitals, rehabilitations center, therapy center.

Educational Psychology focuses on issues that occur in connection with education and teaching programs, such as learning difficulty learning, and handling of students with special needs. Career opportunities for this concentration are in educational institutions as school counselors or school curriculumdevelopers.





Classrooms with audio-visual equipment                                                                                                  
Psychodiagnostics Laboratory with a one-way vision screen room
• Interview laboratory
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"I am very proud to be able to get such a good education at UPH Surabaya for 3.5 years. The values stressed in UPH Surabaya which is Holistic Education taught me that being smart is not because of our ability, but because of the grace of God. In addition of academic education side, I also get the non-academic education side as well as self-development, which is needed in everyday life. Qualified teachers, pleasant lecture strategy, and discipline, made ​​me grow into a better person ". (Mita Abdillah, Psychology 2009, Indonesia Mengajar).