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The Management Study Program at UPH Surabaya’s Business School is a 144-credit study program. The coverage of this study program includes International Business, Human Resource Management, Business Entrepreneurship, Finance Management (Global & Corporate Finance), Marketing Management, and Hospitality Management.

To prepare students for highly competitive entry-level management leadership opportunities, all classes use updated international editions of Management textbooks that are adopted in the leading business schools in the world.  Students in UPH Surabaya’s Business School, regardless of their study programs or specialization, are also given the opportunity to broaden and deepen their perspective on the global business environment through highly interactive International Business (IB) Seminars.



Vision of Business School


“To become the center of major business education, founded on and for dissemination of real knowledge, faith in God, and Godly character through holistic and transformational business education with the goal to develop fear of God and to create business professionals and competent businessmen.”



Mission of Business School


  1. To perform business education that is holistic and transformational, with readiness to contribute and compete in global business
  2. To contribute to the advancement of business knowledge and practices through teaching and research with international standard
  3. To participate wisely in economic development both in individual and in society, through empowerment of continuous business model and best practices, for the glory of God
  4. To the development of profesionality, managerial ability, and socially responsible behaviors.



Vision of Management Study Program


"Major management study program with international standard, that creates competent future business leaders and professionals with holistic managerial perspective through transformational education based on real knowledge, faith in God, and Godly character."



Mission of Management Study Program


  1. To provide holistic and transformational management education, with holistic international perspective, and readiness to contribute in business world, especially in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, and human resource, and to be able to compete in business world
  2. To give contribution to advancement of management knowledge and practices through teaching and research with international standard, to give impact to management world
  3. To participate wisely in the economic development of individual and society, through empowerment of continuous business and management with best practices, and to promote competitive and ability with Godly character to improve wellbeing of society, for the glory of God
  4. To develop professionality, managerial ability, and socially responsible behavior



Goal of The Program


  1. To create management graduates with following abilities:This study program is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop competences required in business and industry in order to be able to compete and grow in multicultural environment that is everchanging with age, but with always anchored to human values.This study program is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop competences required in business and industry in order to be able to compete and grow in multicultural environment that is everchanging with age, but with always anchored to human values.
    1. To create high quality graduates with logical thinking ability, critical, systematic, analytic, strategic, and innovative in facing global world, global thinking, and respected performance with integrity.
    2. Posessing theoretical concepts, methods, and managerial analytical instruments which is integrated with higher values, ethical, and environment conscious.
    3. Possessing the concept of business ethics and managerial profession, ethical behavior, and high social responsibility which are guided by Godly values.
    4. Able to compete, works in team, and communicate effectively in business world. Also has initiative for better change and adding value through intellect and creativity.
  2. To prepare UPH Surabaya students especially from management study program to become responsible member of society. As the result, students are empowered to face future challenges in their place of living, and to orientate business in ethical way, creatively solve problems, strive to use talents given by God to advance organization and community for the glory of God, and develop academic and professional ability for positive contribution in the advancement of business science and practices.



New Concentration Areas in Management at UPH Surabaya


International Business - Students who study International Business are provided a high quality of education for them to acquire business knowledge, skills, and other competencies that are essential to conduct businesses in an international environment.  These include communication and negotiation skills, teamwork in a multi-cultural workplace, and leadership.


Hospitality Management - The hospitality business is a global industry that is employing highly qualified graduates with distinctive competencies in the hotel and tourism areas. This concentration is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the global hotel and tourism industry.


Other Concentration Areas - The Business School at UPH Surabaya offers the same concentration areas that are in UPH Karawaci. Student from UPH Surabaya can study at UPH Karawaci for 1 to 2 semesters. They can enroll in the following concentration areas:

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Finance Management



Learning in a Competitiven and Real-World Business Environment


The University provides a real-world learning environment to its students. Early in their studies, qualified students are given the opportunity to work in companies of Lippo Grup like Hypermart, Matahari Department Store, First Media, Nobu Bank, etc for hands-on learning experince. Other students work closely with full-time lecturers in conducting highly relevant management studies on business, industries, and other oraganizations. The International Business Seminar series is a regular campus activity for face-to-face dicussions with front-line managers on leadership, ethnic sustainability, competitive business issues, and strategies. Students are likewise encouraged to actively participate in the Mangement Students' Organization that pursues community service projects and other off-class room educational activities. Opportunities to study in other universities, where UPH has academic cooperation agreements, are provided to highly capable students.



Continuing Education Programs


On regular basis, UPH Surabaya offers continuing education programs on a wide array of topics. These are delivered by practicing executives and management scholars who have had international management and business research experince.



International Buiness Seminars

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Responsible Leadership and CSR
  • Sustainable Enterprises
  • Human Resource Development
  • Business Innovation and Creativity



Executive & Management Briefings

  • Executive & Management Briefings
  • Corporate Governance (in partnership with IICD)
  • The Global Economy
  • Global Warming and Coporate Environmental Management



Short-term Training

  • Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Creative and Cultural Enterprises and Industries (in partnership with the School of Creative Industry, Faculty of Psychology, and The Faculty of Law)
  • Argo-food and Bio-Industries



Class Schedule


Monday - Friday (7:00 A.M. - 06:00 P.M.)



Faculty Members


Dr. Ronald, ST, MM

Dean of the Business School

Amelia Monica, S.E, RFP-I, M.M

Deputy Head of Program



Full Time Lecturers


Prof. Maria Rochelle Divinagracia, M.Sc, DBA

De La Salle University, Philippines


Dr. Wahyudi Wibowo, S.T, MM

Kyungsung University, South Korea


Hananiel Gunawan, BS, MBA

Bethel College, Indiana, USA


Oliandes Sondakh, S.E., M.M.

Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia


Amelia Monica, S.E, RFP-I, M.M

Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia


Yanuar Dananjaya, B.Sc, M.M.

Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia


George Herbert Go, S.E. M.M.

Universitas Pelita Harapan Surabaya, Indonesia


Vierly Ananta Upa, S.E., M.SA., Ak.

Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia


Renna Magdalena, S.T., S.E., M.Ak.

Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia


Josephine K. Tjahjono, S,E. M.Si.

Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia


William Santoso, S.E., M.Ak.

Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia



Part Time Lecturers


Agung Basuki Tjiotijono, MBA

European University of Antwerp, Belgium


Sugeng Adiputro, B.BA, MBA

European University, Belgium




1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
Religion (3 credits)
Learning & Communication Skills (2 credits)
Worldview Studies (2 credits)
Biblical Interpretation or World's Religions (2 credits)
Mathematics I (3 credits)
Management & Organization (4 credits)
Financial Accounting (4 credits)
Reading Skills (2 credits)
Civics (3 credits)
Critical Thinking (2 credits)
Music/Sports (2 credits)
Mathematics II (3 credits)
Microeconomics (4 credits)
Business Statistics (4 credits)
Academic Writing (3 credits)
Indonesian Language (3 credits)
Spiritual Formation 1 or Humanity (2 credits)
Macroeconomics (3 credits)
Business Communication (2 credits)
Marketing (3 credits)
4th Semester 5th Semester 6th Semester
English Proficiency (2 credits)
Spiritual Formation 2 or Cultural History (3 credits)
Management Science (4 credits)
Principles of Finance (4 credits)
Managerial Accounting (4 credits)
Operations Management (4 credits)
Character Development (2 credits)
Ethics (3 credits)
International Business (4 credits)
Management Info System (4 credits)
Leadership (2 credits)
Strategic Management (4 credits)
Business Law (2 credits)
7th Semester    
Business Elective #1 (4 credits)
Business Elective #2 (4 credits)





Concentration I: Marketing Management

5th Semester

  • Consumer Behavior (4 credits)
  • Strategic Marketing (4 credits)

6th Semester

  • Service Marketing (4 credits)
  • Brand & Image Mgt. (4 credits)
  • Int. Mkt. Com (4 credits)

7th Semester

  • Marketing Research (4 credits)
  • Global Marketing (4 credits)

Concentration II: Human Resource Management

5th Semester

  • Organizational Theory and Development (4 credits)
  • Human Resource Management (4 credits)

6th Semester

  • Corporate Culture (4 credits)
  • Industrial Relations Management (4 credits)
  • Human Investment and Career Development (4 credits)

7th Semester

  • Compensation & Employee Benefits (4 credits)
  • Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (4 credits)

Concentration III: Business Entrepreneurship

5th Semester

  • Entrepreneurship I (4 credits)
  • Consumer Behavior (4 credits)

6th Semester

  • Business Environment (4 credits)
  • Innovation (4 credits)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (4 credits)

7th Semester

  • Strategic Marketing in Small Business Enterprises (4 credits)
  • Small Business Finance (4 credits)

Concentration IV: Finance Management (Global and Corporate Finance)

5th Semester

  • Financial Institution & Markets (4 credits)
  • Investment & Portfolio Mgt (4 credits)

6th Semester

  • Treasury Management (4 credits)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance (4 credits)
  • Business Valuation (4 credits)

7th Semester

  • Insurance and Risk Management (4 credits)
  • International Finance (4 credits)

Concentration V: International Business

5th Semester

  • Consumer Behavior (4 credits)
  • Strategic Marketing (4 credits)

6th Semester

  • International Trade (4 credits)
  • International Finance (4 credits)
  • Corporate Culture (4 credits)

7th Semester

  • Managing the Supply Chain (4 credits)
  • Global Marketing (4 credits)