Faculty of Law - Law


The UPH Surabaya Faculty of Law concentrate on the area of “Business Law” with three concentrations. Business Law, International Law, and Legal Practice Proficiency.

Faculty of Law dynamism on its readiness to face future challenges as is clear from its efforts to redefine its role.

Of outmost concern are the need for nation building, the need heighten national awareness, and the need for co-operation between the private and public sectors efforts in Business Law.

Innovative curricula that features a balanced combination of theory and practice in the form of field study, seminars, workshop, laboratory work, and moot court. These strategies are important for the achievement of a global learning experience and global opportunities.



Vision of Faculty of Law


”Membangun Image Positif Fakultas Hukum Sebagai Bagian dari Towards a Truely Holistic Christian University”



Mission of Faculty of Law


“Membangun dan Memberdayakan Mahasiswa menjadi Profesional di Bidang Hukum yang Berperan dalam Menghadapi Tantangan, Persaingan dan Globalisasi”.



Vision of Law Study Program


“Menjadi penyinergi terkemuka antara Fakultas Hukum UPHS dan Masyarakat melalui Kepercayaan dan Keyakinan pada Tuhan YME dan Keilmuan yang tampak dalam kehidupan pribadi dan kehidupan professional keilmuan Hukum”.



Mission of Law Study Program


“Membangun dan Memberdayakan Mahasiswa menjadi Professional di bidang Hukum yang Berperan Dalam Menghadapi Tantangan, Persaingan, dan Globalisasi”.





Faculty of Law at Universitas Pelita Harapan Surabaya have a distinctive and deliberate orientation towards “Business Law”, with concentration in Business Law, International Law, and Legal Practice Proficiency.



The Program


The program is characterized by an innovative curriculum created through combining both national and international curricula in order to fulfill the need and interests of students and to provide them with necessary skills for their professional lives. Practical legal skills training is the application of legal theory to the problems and tasks lead by lawyer in practice. The aim of this faculty to prepare graduates to make substantial contributions to society through services as lawyers or in other law-related roles by demonstrating unsurpassed integrity and complex problem-solving capability.





  • To become a graduate’s capacity to deal with legal issues in their real context.
  • To increase be recognized as having a very distinctive and specialist qualification in
    • Business Law which may take them to many of the key areas of legal practice, corporate legal position and policy development in the government sector.
    • International Law, which may take them to the legal complexities associated with international law and to familiarize them with same of the more important areas of law affecting that activity.
    • Legal Practice Proficiency, which may take them to acquire some experience of legal practice. Skill of advocacy, to develop and argue a case, enrich formal legal education and to ensure to have practical experience in the operation of the law.





Business Law

Business Law caters to students who wish to pursue a career in the board area of corporate law practice. The curriculum combines strong fundamental theory with practice and research in many fields. Challenging required courses including Corporate Law, Banking Law, Intellectual Property Rights and a wide range of elective courses including Consumer Protection Law and Health Law, as well as International Relations.


International Law

This program offers comprehensive international law training to equip students to pursue careers as diplomats, consultants of international lawyers and the like. The curriculum is designed to equip students with necessary skills and knowledge related to various international law issues such as International Civil Law, International Environmental Law, International Relations and many other challenging subjects. With its emphasis on economic and business law., UPH International Law Program prepares the students to manage various legal aspects, as international trade relations increasingly demand professiiionals with expertise in this area.


Legal Practice Proficiency

This program is thoughtfully constructed to provide extensive and rigorous training for students to pursue a career in litigation and other legal professional areas.


An integral part of the program is the practical training that provide students with the required skills for the professional world, as well as the needed conceptual framework. The program emphasizes business law in preparing students to become professional lawyers with advanced knowledge in business and management, giving them an edge to confront the challenges of their profession. Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility are stressed to produce graduates who are responsible and trustworthy in their professions.





  1. Prof. Dr. Marthen Pali, M.Psi. (Dean)
  2. Anthonius Adhi Soedibyo, S.H., M.Hum. (Head of Law Study Program)
  3. Dr. Sari Mandiana, SH, MS
  4. Prof. Soetandyo Wignjosoebroto, MPA
  5. Prof. Dr. Rudhi Prasetya, SH
  6. Prof. Dr. Peter Mahmud Marzuki, SH, MS, LLM
  7. Prof. Dr. Bintan Saragih, SH
  8. Dr. Jusup J. Setyabudhi, SH, MS
  9. Dr. Tandyo HAsan, SH, MH, MKn
  10. Dr. Inge Sesanto, SH, MKn
  11. Agustin Widjiastuti, SH, MS
  12. Rosalinda Elsiana Latumahina, SH, MKn