Faculty of Computer Science - Information System
Why choose IT (Information Technology) in UPH Surabaya?

IT is the central nervous system of our modern world. Every project that matters to humanity — from mapping the frontiers of space to making sense of our genetic makeup to creating a sustainable future — is powered by IT. It’s no surprise that IT professionals are in high demand. Today’s successful business strategies depend on integrating information technology into all aspects of an organization. In the Information Systems Study Program, our programs focus on essential information technologies, providing specific expertise to analyze, design and develop information systems ranging through all business processes and across every industry.

Here, we do not only focus on the computing skills but we learn to bridge the gap between users and technology to support organizations and companies to achieve their business goals. We manage information and turn it into a useful and powerful resource for these organisations and companies. In order to do so, Information Systems students will get a glimpse of the management, business, design and communication sides as well as the in-depth computing skills tailored according to each concentration within our study program.



Web and Mobile Development Concentrations


No longer just a hype or trend, the importance of web and mobile platforms has reached a point where it is crucial for any IT student to be able to effectively utilize this highly dynamic technology in a business environment. This concentration will provide not only the basic knowledge of web- and mobile application development skills but also focuses on the user interface and interaction design that are crucial for a successful implementation of a web or mobile application.



Industry & Institutional Partnerships


  1. Lippo Group Internships.
  2. World Vision (Wahana Visi).
  3. e-Biz Microsoft Partner for Microsoft Certifications.
  4. Biznet Data Center
Alumni Testimonials

Chinthia Regina Supit, S.Kom.

I started studying at UPH Surabaya in 2008. As the first batch who didn’t have any seniors, the support from the lecturer was very needed. I feel supported by the lecturers who always provide thorough guidance and learning, both academic and non-academic side. The students and lecturers were very close and encourage each other, that’s why even after graduating we can still communicate and met if we had a chance; and yes, sense of family still up in the air between us. Information System Department gave me the idea on how to build a good system with variety of methods, and of course taught me on how to view a system-error with unique point-of-view; a.k.a thinking out of the box. With basic given during the lecture, I can learn how to solve a problem practically in the work environment. Good system not only based on text-book, but a good system can also adapt to user needs. I feel no loss by putting so many efforts when I was in University, because all the “learning by doing” method was all paid off when I can entered such a big company with the skills I have. I hope many students can feel the advantages of studying at UPH Surabaya, especially at Information System Department.



Jeffrey Ferrari Lukman, S.Kom.

I was one of the recipients of the UPH Platinum Scholarship, the scholarships that awarded to students with the best grades from their high school throughout Indonesia, and successfully completed the study at Information Systems Study Program within 4 years with Magna cum laude honors. Before graduating as a Bachelor of Computers Science, I have already accepted to work in Vi8e Interactive, which is a software house company based in Singapore. After one year working as a web programmer, currently I am working as a researcher at a university research institute in Jakarta, the SCORE Lab, where conduct research focused on the reliability and availability of cloud applications. This research institute is in collaboration with the University of Chicago, USA, that had produced a study that received at OSDI Conference (Symposium on Operating System and Implementation) 2014 conference which is the best operating system of the 2nd world, and the more research has been collected in SoCC conference (Symposium on cloud Computing) in 2014 which is the best cloud conference in the world.


Contact Person for Career Opportunities

For more information and advice on career opportunities, please email Mr. Andreas at andreas.jodhinata@uph.edu





  • Computer laboratory with i5 specification
  • Library (including digital library)
  • e-Learning
  • Collaborative class with UPH Jakarta
  • Photography and programming extracurricular
  • 24 hours discussion room using social network applications
Class Schedule
Monday - Friday, 07.30 - 16.00 WIB
Faculty Members
Head of Study Program  :  Andreas, S.Kom., M.Kom. (currently studying a doctoral degree in ITS Surabaya)
Lecturers  :

Prof. Dr. Ir. Kuswara Setiawan, M.T.

Budianto, S.Kom., M.Eng. (currently studying a doctoral degree in University of Hong Kong)

Aries Yoshan, S.Kom., M.Kom.

James Wijaya, S.Kom., M.Kom., MTA, MCP