Faculty of Industrial Technology - Industrial Engineering

The Vision of Faculty of Industrial Technology

To be a Faculty of Industrial Technology that is excellent in engineering, technology, and management industry by applying transformative education, which is based on true knowledge, faith in God, and Godly Character.


The Mission of Faculty of Industrial Technology

  1. To establish higher education in the field of engineering, technology and industrial management
  2. To develop knowledge through research and publication of research
  3. To carry out sustainable community development and cooperation programs to support the implementation of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.

The Vision of Industrial Engineering Program

To be a higher education institution that is excellent at the national level in the field of Industrial Engineering, focusing on industrial management by applying education that is based on true knowledge, faith in God, and Godly Character.


The Mission of Industrial Engineering Program

  1. To establish higher education in Industrial Engineering according to the needs of society and industry, which create graduates who excel and mature spiritually and mentally, and be able to perform as a professional
  2. To conduct research and produce high-quality publications at national and international levels that contribute to the development of the nation
  3. To carry out community service and cooperation in various forms that can provide a positive impact to the society.


The Industrial Engineering Discipline and Department at UPH Surabaya          

Industrial Engineering integrates technical knowledge and science to plan, design, and analyze systems that involve people, money, energy, materials, equipment, information, and other resources.  The Industrial Engineering Department of UPH Surabaya is committed to preparing students to become a true and responsible professional in the Industrial Engineering discipline. The learning process in the Industrial Engineering Department provides opportunities for students to experience a hands-on learning experience working in the laboratories, and in a real-world industry setting. Values of hard-work, discipline, commitment, honesty, foresight, and innovativeness are inculcated. The curriculum is regularly reviewed with peers from the academic and industry. This is done as part of our quality assurance mechanism that students at UPH Surabaya are adequately prepared to become competent professional engineers who can be trusted and respected nationally and globally.



The Industrial Engineering Department currently offers Industrial Management as a concentration area. The Industrial Management concentration seeks to prepare future engineers who will pursue careers in managing industrial undertakings, projects, technology, and research and development.  The Technical and Management expertise of graduates can be obtained through the adoption of an innovative curriculum that was benchmarked from leading universities abroad. The Industrial Engineering curriculum at UPH Surabaya covers a balanced application of theory and practice; problem-solving and decision-making; and the utilization of both quantitative techniques and qualitative analysis, among others. Case studies and joint projects are undertaken on a selective basis with students from the Business School and Faculty of Computer Science.

The current course offerings in the Industrial Management concentration include: Corporate Finance, Scheduling, ISO 9000, Strategic Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Mining, Health and Safety Management, Multivariate Analysis, Macro Ergonomics, and Dynamic System. In the near future, the Industrial Engineering Department will be offering electives and concentration areas in the emerging fields of the technological sciences such as nanotechnology, renewable energy, and multimedia technology. 



  • Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC) Manager
  • Industrial Operations Manager
  • Industrial Quality Manager
  • Industrial Consultant
  • Factory Manager
  • Training and Consulting Specialist
  • Research and Development Officer



  • Computation, Optimization and  Simulation Lab
  • Work  System  and Design Lab
  • Ergonomic Lab
  • Production System Lab
  • Material Science Lab (supported by Baristand)



  • Yayasan Pendidikan Teknik Indonesia (YPTI)



  • Studying in UPH Surabaya is one of my important life-changing experiences. I learned not only to achieve good grades but also to develop my social and spiritual life. These are as important as your degree once you graduate and start to face the real life out there.  I realized that friendly-yet-inspiring lecturers and comfortable study environment are the main reasons of why I had a very enjoyable experience while pursuing my degree and helping me a lot in getting through the real work experience. Definitely, I will never regret my choice in studying in UPH Surabaya. (NoviaListiyani Wirhaspati- Industrial Engineering 2008, Management Trainee-Supply Chain Graduate of PT. Filtrona Indonesia)
  • It is an honor for me to be one of the graduates of Industrial Engineering study program from UPH Surabaya. This opportunity gave me not only sciences, but also friendships and abilities to communicate well. More importantly, it was the educational experiences and working culture that were introduced to me and these made me well prepared when the time come the real life working environment. That is really important for me because the competition become harder and more available for everyone. It requires graduates not only to possess  knowledge but also the ability to implement it to the daily job and to bring greater advantage.  (Bastian Zeller, Industrial Engineering 2009, Marketing Promotion Associate Manager of PT Nutrifood Indonesia)
  • When I studied Industrial Engineering at UPH Surabaya, both of my academic and non-academic knowledge was developed. UPH Surabaya has a positive environment, where the term “Killer lecturer” was not even existed, and that made learning process feel more enjoyable. The lecturers are consideredas friends for thes and also best friends when the time comes to discuss all kind of taskss.The lecturing materials are really comprehensive and useful in order to answer every challenge that I am working. Study tour to several difference places, cities, and companies are always carried out to broaden the student’s knowledge, perception and experience about what exactly the real work places are like. A lot of educational knowledges related to engineering, accounting, and also business/management has been taught here, and become additional precious values for me when I’m working and interacting in my job.

But the most importing thing is character development that was given when I studied Industrial Engineering at UPH Surabaya. I agree that academic skill is an important thing, but it will be useless and meaningless if not supported by a good-strong character and integrity. And also, I believe all all that I mentioned are available here, at Industrial Engineering Study Program, UPH Surabaya.

-Viva Industrial Engineering UPH Surabaya - (Indra Manafe, Teknik Industri 2009, Graduate Warehouse – Supply Chain di : PT. THIESS CONTRACTORS INDONESIA)

  • Industrial Engineering Department is simply spectacular. At first, I thought that Industrial Engineering Department would be boring since I didn't even know what Industrial Engineering really was. Unlike chemical engineering or mechanical engineering that has clear subjects, I didn't know about the concern of Industrial Engineering. However, I took the courage and chose it as my major and I never regretedan older brother, I will tell you the best things about the Industrial Engineering Department UPHSurabaya. You will have balanced subject between science, social, and of course liberal arts. Besides decreasing the boredom of studying, it also gives you many opportunities to get the job that suits your passion. Industrial Engineering Department gives you flexibility to work on broader area upon your completion of your the family in Industrial Engineering Department of UPH Surabaya. It's something you won't find in another university. Studying in a university is harder than senior high school, but in Industrial Engineering Department,you will have your very own family that makes it easier and memorable. (Candra Setiawan, Industrial Engineering 2010, The Best Graduate Undergraduate Program 2014)



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