Collaborating with The Samator and Nextgen, UPH Surabaya Campus Successfully Holds Basketball and Dance Competitions in East Java.

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Surabaya Campus successfully held the UPHSC “Unleash Your Potential: High School Competition” UPHxSamator supported by Nextgen, featuring 3×3 basketball and dance competitions. The event was vibrant and involved over 300 participants from across East Java. It took place over three days, from May 2 to May 4, at the campus located in The Samator, Surabaya.

The event attracted more than 2,000 attendees, including participants, spectators, and representatives from various schools and communities in East Java. By organizing these basketball and dance competitions, UPH Surabaya Campus aims to introduce itself as an educational institution excelling not only in academics but also in the development of its students’ non-academic potential.

“We are very excited to host this event, which provides an opportunity for high school students and the general public in East Java to showcase their talents and abilities in sports, particularly basketball and dance. Additionally, we want to strengthen UPH Surabaya Campus’s position as a leading institution in East Java, having achieved the highest accreditation,” said Kiki, Public Relations of UPH Surabaya Campus. “This is a chance for them to develop their potential in a supportive and competitive environment.”

The competition also aims to attract prospective new students by awarding cash prizes and scholarships to the winners, totaling 888 million rupiah. Through this, UPH hopes to inspire young people to continuously develop their talents and achieve high academic performance.

UPH Surabaya Campus, which has received the highest accreditation, remains committed to providing high-quality, holistic education to all its students. Through events like this, UPH seeks to reaffirm its commitment to nurturing and developing talents and potential in East Java and Indonesia as a whole.

Author’s Greetings – ARW