The Accounting Study Program of UPH Surabaya Campus starts the new year of 2022 with conducting two Webinar series, in collaboration with the Social Department of GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya. It is a valuable opportunity for a lot of people through these webinars. The first webinar with the topic “Knowing More about the Harmonization of Tax Regulations Law (UU HPP)”, took place on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 with the support of the Directorate General of Tax of the East Java Regional Office I who was willing to be the main speaker for the event.

On this special occasion, Mr. Bambang Soetrisno as the Council of the Social Department of GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya presented some of his thoughts with an opening prayer and a short speech containing his gratitude for all parties who have made this webinar possible. Dr. Ronald Suryaputra, SE, MM, CSMA., CDM., PMA., as the Executive Director of UPH Surabaya Campus also gave a few words to welcome all attendees representing UPH Surabaya Campus, as well as conveyed the importance of this webinar being held in upholding awareness of tax and tax order. tax knowledge for the community.

The first speaker, Samsul Arifin, S.E., as a Associate Tax Counsellor discussed in detail the important role of taxes for the country’s economy. Submission of material is supported by many facts and real data that have been well packaged in the delivery of speakers. Gisella Ayu Pradipta, who is the First Associate Tax Counsellor as the second speaker, brought more in-depth information on economic subject matter which was brought up to undergo further reforms in the Law on Harmonization of Tax Regulations (UU HPP).

With the enthusiasm of the participants, the moderator of the first webinar in the collaboration of the Accounting Study Program of UPH Surabaya Campus with the Social Department of GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya, Josephine Kurniawati Tjahjono, S.E., M.M., did not have the opportunity to convey all the questions from the participants present. However, through the attendance and evaluation links that have been filled in by participants, almost all participants feel that they have gained a lot of new insights through this webinar.

It is an honor that the Accounting Study Program of UPH Surabaya Campus was given the opportunity to be able to hold the second collaborative webinar with the Department of Social Affairs GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya again on Thursday, January 6, 2022. It was opened with an opening prayer by Pdt. Ferdinan Gosal as Chair of AGBF GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya, this time, D’Consulting Business Consultant Surabaya also served in this webinar by presenting a competent speaker in the business world, namely Dedy Sidarta, BKP., CFM., PFM., who is the Founder and CEO of D’Consulting Business Consultant Surabaya. In addition to serving in that position, with various competencies for his certification, he also shares his knowledge through his personal Youtube channel.

Even though there was only one speaker with a longer duration, the entire material session didn’t feel too long because of the engagement that the speakers presented in presenting the material in an exciting style of delivery. Presenting real and visionary facts on Indonesian taxation, some of which have been overhauled by the presence of the HPP Law, the speakers include every strategy that is important for business people to deal with these changes. The discussion includes the authority of tax investigators – tax examiners, future tax projections, Tax Amnesty Volume II, voluntary disclosure programs, to wise tips for saving taxes on the right business selection method.

The second webinar was chaired by a moderator from GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya, namely Zefanya Sukarja as a finance and tax practitioner as well as the Shepherd of the Male Commission of GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya. The second series of webinars closed with a closing prayer by Rev. Melvin S. Tambun as Chairman of the Commission for the Department of Social Affairs GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya. Both of these webinars took place without significant issues and received positive feedback from the Department of Social Affairs, GSJA Eben Haezer Surabaya, all parties involved, as well as all participants present. Hopefully this service activity can continue and have a positive impact on public education. See you at the next events of the Accounting Study Program of UPH Surabaya Campus.