AoE: International Labor Organization and the World of Work in Indonesia.

As a whole entity, Universitas Pelita Harapan which has several campuses in Indonesia, Areas of Excellence program accommodate various activities and provide synergy and collaboration between UPH campuses. Areas of Excellence which is commonly referred to as AoE in the concentration of International Business have organized a webinar with the theme “International Labor Organization and the world of work in Indonesia” as one result of many activities that have been prepared. This webinar was held on May 25, 2021 at 03:00 WIB via Zoom Meeting. The webinar invited speakers who are highly experienced in the field of human resources from the International Labor Organization.

Mr. Oktavianto Pasaribu as the Chief of Programming Department of ILO ROAS (Regional Office of Arab States) has been willing to share his knowledge and experiences on issues that occur, especially during these pandemic times. The speaker started the discussion with the role of the ILO under the supervision of the United Nations, and its impact on better cooperation between nations. The ILO itself has brought together various parties, including governments, employers, and workers from various member countries, to set labor standards, develop policies, and design programs that promote decent work for all citizens of the world. The ILO is also broadly aimed at ensuring accessible, productive, and sustainable work around the world in conditions of freedom, equality, security, and dignity. Furthermore, the speaker believed that that human resources in Indonesia have great potential, so education in Indonesia should also be of great concern. Higher education must accommodate students to learn a lot from the classrooms, but also outside the classrooms. Creativity and agility in experiencing changing conditions is one of the main focuses that need attention.

When viewed from several decades ago, where technological advancements and the internet were not yet a common thing, it was never imagined that now, everyone who has internet access can enjoy various facilities that can be done through applications or services via the internet. The advancements of technology and the internet also need to be in line with qualified human resources. This means that the development of technology and the internet must also be supported by sufficient human resources. One of the questions posed is what students can prepare to face the challenges and competition of work in the international world, which is of course tougher in the future. He gave a suggestion that “we should pursue our passion” in the sense that students are asked to look for “passion” or something that becomes a goal and gives encouragement. So that in the future, whatever we do, we can wholeheartedly pursue our goals, and be even more excited. Several questions from the participants were answered and completed this webinar session. The AoE program will present several other activities, which are expected to be able to make a good contribution to society, especially through other webinars that will be held in the future. Regards