UPH Surabaya Campus Anticipates Online Learning with Hybrid Learning.

Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in Indonesia has contributed to the acceleration of education all over the country. Changes from face-to-face learning to online education is a part of the effort to break the pandemic spread as Indonesian government issues the stay at home policy for everyone to follow. Work, study, worship from home – surely there are setbacks when implementing this policy, especially for education institutions that are not prepared for online study.

UPH Surabaya Campus has anticipated the changes even before Covid-19 was announced in Indonesia. Since the start of 2020, UPH has implemented an online learning method known as Hybrid Learning, a mix of face-to-face lecture with online learning. At the beginning, this method is only limited to certain classes, especially the ones with international guest lecturers.

But with the situation requiring all education processes to be done from home, the transition is nothing of a shock for UPH Surabaya Campus. UPH Surabaya was able to quickly apply full online learning for both undergraduate and graduate programs and all majors including Management, Accounting, Law, Master of Management and Master of Law.

Online learning at UPH is highly adequate as it is supported by an open-source Learning Management System called Moodle, easily accessible from learn.uph.edu. Lecturers and students shouldn’t be worried about the online learning system – all UPH family members have been trained to maximize the Moodle system in order for your classes to run smoothly. You, as students, will further be taught how to access Moodle – including filling absent forms, assignment submission, and exam taking. And as for our lecturers, we ensure deliberate training so that there will be no difficulty in creating discussion forums, making quizzes and assignments, and designing tests for students. Not only that, UPH also creates a guidebook to Moodle alongside a tutorial video that will be very helpful.

With the ease and complete features from Moodle, students will be able to do various online activities as they would be able to do offline, including working on quizzes, assignments, and forum discussions. In terms of communicating and coordinating, students and lecturers will be able to take advantage of WhatsApp group, e-mail or Microsoft Teams online class. In fact, UPH Surabaya Campus has successfully engaged in proposal presentations and Thesis exams online through Microsoft Teams.

UPH is preparing to face further changes within the learning system this education world presents. Adjustments from lecturers, curriculum and supportive education infrastructures will be at our utmost concern as UPH presents a transformative and holistic education to produce graduates who are able to answer the needs of the era.

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry – with Hybrid Learning, your classes will run smoothly!