How Fun! To Stay Connected During Covid-19, UPH Invites High School Students To Join Online Competition.

During the all-online situation, UPH Surabaya Campus runs a creative event to keep connecting with high school students. This time, various online competitions are held during the April 2020 social distancing period. This activity not only serves to further enhance connection but also to increase these high school participants’ creativity and productivity during their #STAYATHOME.

The three competitions being initiated by UPH Surabaya include singing, cooking, and video campaign. These three are chosen based on the developing trends in social media, as the public expands their interest in cooking, singing, and vlogging during the Covid-19 pandemic. A competition held in these three areas is deemed relevant for students as well as encouraging their creativity in an effective and beneficial way.

For the cooking competition, participants are required to send their dessert making process. As to the singing competition, participants sent their original song cover. Last but not least, participants are requested to make an invitation video that encourages maintaining health, safety, and social distancing during Covid-19 for the video competition.

The competition received a wave of enthusiasm from students in Surabaya. Here’s what Putri Javania from SMA St. Maria Surabaya has to say;

“I really appreciate the program UPH Surabaya initiated. In this situation, UPH creates an event that is very useful and creative as it helps accommodate students’ creativity. What motivates me to participate in the competition is that I wanted to keep being productive, especially in the middle of this pandemic,” Putri says.

Gabrielle Meira, a student from NSA Surabaya, the winner of the Online Cooking Competition admits similarly. She is proud to be able to participate and win the competition held by one of the renowned universities at Surabaya. Gabrielle further hopes that UPH Surabaya will organize other competitions in the future so that more high school students will be able to participate and expand their creativity.

The following names are the winners:

Online Singing Competition

  • First Winner: Putri Javania Dewi Priskila Nduru (SMA St. Maria Surabaya)
  • Second Winner: Giovany Imanuele Assa (Sekolah Dian Harapan Manado)
  • Third Winner: Daniella Vanessa Callista (SMAK Kosayu Malang)
  • Runner Up: Emmanuella Sharen Buana (SMAK St. Louis 2 Surabaya)
  • “Most Unique Video” Winner: Yohanes Bengution Tatoreh (SMA Lentera Harapan Tomohon)

Online Cooking Competition

  • First Winner: Gabriella Meira (NSA Surabaya)
  • Second Winner: Marcel Ernando (SMA Pangudi Luhur Bernadus)

Meanwhile, the video campaign competition is still proceeding, with a variety of creative ideas from participants. Winners will be announced soon.

UPH Surabaya Campus welcomes the positive feedback from participants and will soon organize other interesting competitions ala Millennial such as K-Pop dance online competition, Make-Up Online Competition, Tik-Tok Challenge, and many more around May and June 2020.