Mentorship Time: A Mentor-Mentee Moment Becomes A Blessing.

Mentorship Time UPH Festival has always been special for new students, because at this moment they can get to know one another, especially with the mentors. Mentorship Time allows students to build warm relationships with their mentors and also with fellow mentees of the same group. Mentorship Time was held on the first day of UPH Festival 2019, which is on 14 August 2019. The moment of togetherness between mentor and mentee is expected to become a blessing and grace that is felt by both mentee and mentor.

Moreover, the activity is aimed to tighten the relationship between mentor and mentee by encouraging mentees to ask questions about the university to the mentors. This mentorship program does not end at UPH Festival but it will continue to build mentor-mentee relations, impacting their lives.

Calvin Jonathan, a mentor from UPH Management, felt the impact of the program.

He said, “Mentorship is useful to help others grow and for yourself by becoming a channel of God’s blessing. So far we have faced many challenges, such as finding a time to meet with the mentees. However, even though we started as strangers, we are now happy to have togetherness, a good relation.”

Calvin hopes that he can be a role model so that the mentees can train themselves to become someone better.

It was not only Calvin and the mentors who experienced the impact. Mentees have also experienced the benefits and were helped through the mentorship program, especially at their starting point in university. This was testified by Fatur Tebe of Management.

Fatur said, “From this program, we made new friends, can work together, and was assisted by exploring the campus together.”Fatur added that through this program, Fatur was helped to become a better person, one who is responsible and will bring a good impact to Indonesia. This was the message Fatur received from Calvin.

Other than building relations, the mentorship program helped both mentor and mentee to mature. This was by encouraging them to help each other and grow together. Charista Lidya, the mentor from medical school, stated that by being a mentor, Lidya trained to discipline herself before disciplining others, teaching herself to be kind at any time.

Lidya said,” I strive to help them even after the UPH Festival, may that be a year from now or later. To do that, I must be both a friend and a guide. To become a mentor, one needs kindness, responsibility, and commitment. I am committed to not only be hard working at the start but to also be hardworking in the future.”

Jessica Victoria, a student of medical school, also revealed that she was taught on how to become more open to others and how this helped her in making friends.