Revealing the Fun in College to 4,145 Incoming Students Through ‘Discover’ UPH Festival 2019.

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) welcomed 4,145 incoming students in their biggest annual event, UPH Festival 2019 ‘Grace Upon Grace’. Raising the theme of “DISCOVER”, on the first day that was held on 14 August 2019, UPH introduced campus life to new students through the Campus Life Introduction session held at the Basketball Court UPH, Lippo Village campus. The aim of this session is so that students know how fun it is to study at a UPH campus and have an image of their future university life.

Important information was given, of which included a video profile of the UPH campus, student organizations available at UPH, facilities supporting a range of student activities on campus, support systems that are present to help students through university, and different student activity units that help develop each student’s interests and talents.

The session opened with the opening video by UPH Chancellor Dr. (Hon) Jonathan L. Parapak, M.Eng.Sc., followed by a welcoming video from other authorities. In his speech, the Chancellor was enthusiastic in welcoming the new students and he delivered his message regarding UPH’s vision as a holistic and transformative campus.

Next, new students received a simple explanation about student organizations available at UPH. Student organizations can be used as a means for students in honing and developing their soft-skills and leadership. Several organizations were introduced, including the Students Executive Body (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa, BEM), MPM, Mentoring, Service Learning Community (SLC), and Ambassadors of UPH.

Incoming students were also introduced to the student activity units (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa, UKM) through a video. The video showed activities carried out by UKMs on campus.

Besides that, facilities were introduced to the students, including the gym, Johannes Oentoro Library, sports facilities, UPH clinic, e-sports center, and the payment systems of UPH.

To end the session, there was a testimony video from previous or current UPH students. One of the testimonies was about the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA) not available at other campuses. FLA is mandatory for all UPH students to equip students not only intellectually, but also equipping them with critical thinking, wisdom, and problem-solving skills. FLA is recognized to complete students to go through their courses and help them in future jobs.

New students also followed other activities at UPH Festival 2019 which ended with a Closing Ceremony and Fireworks on 17 August 2019.

Through this introduction, students are enthusiastic to enter a new university life at UPH. Here are their testimonies:

Rahel – Incoming Student of Faculty of Nursing (FoN)
After hearing the UKM explanation, I am interested in joining the UKM Choir UPH. I am also interested in joining student organizations such as BEM or Mentoring to develop my soft-skills and build relationships.

Berkati – Incoming Student of Teacher College
For me, I am interested in the music UKMs, especially the band. I am interested in joining BEM UPH too.”

Riyo – Incoming Student of Teacher College
For me, I am interested in sport UKMs, such as soccer. I also want to join Mentoring because I am inspired by my seniors.