UPH Motivates Students in Finding Their Passion Through the Story of YouTuber Andovi Da Lopez.

Passion is the motivator that raises love toward work and life. As a university contributing to the people for 25 years, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) realized the importance of students finding their passion.

In order to raise awareness of the importance of passion, on 11 June 2019, the Students Executive Body (BEM) UPH invited Andovi Da Lopez, a YouTuber idolized by the millennial generation. Lopez stressed the importance of passion in life and work that is meaningful. For him, passion is not for money, but it is to receive satisfaction in what he does for others. He said, “Money comes later, on its own.”

Before achieving success through millions of viewers, Indonesia’s YouTuber endured embarrassment and mockery from his friends and viewers at the beginning of his career. However, he worked his projects ceaselessly until finally achieving the recognition he deserves. What drives him was none other than passion. He said, “Passion is something that you will always work on through all the failures.” After eight years of moving in the world of entertainment, he has become one of the influencers of the millennial generation in Indonesia – a generation more open to change and is brave to try new innovations.

With passion, anything the students work on will achieve the best quality and they will contribute to others because it was done wholeheartedly. This was delivered by Andry M. Panjaitan, the Director of Student Life UPH, “Passion drives the students to move forward and to develop until they find creative, innovative, and positive things. The most important thing is that they become the leaders of the future that will be more impactful in serving God.”

Seeing the importance of passion, the Student Life Department provided various means for students to self-develop in their search for passion. Activities such as theater, debate, dance, photography, videography, leadership, and others have helped UPH students in finding the passion that will help them at their careers and in being a good impact to many. This is in line with the holistic education job undertaken by UPH.

It was proven through Lopez’ account in the PURPOSE 2019 talk show that passion is important in inspiring the young generation in never giving up and in working without stop.

It is expected that through this talk show, UPH students will be driven to be more active in searching for their passion so that they will not be simple working graduates, but so that they will love their work in many forms, bringing about innovations that will change the face of Indonesia and will improve our nation.