UPH TC and ITC 2019 Graduation: Sending 267 Teachers throughout the world.

Karawaci, Tangerang – May 29, 2019, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) held a graduation ceremony for 367 teachers who just graduated from the Faculty of Education (FIP). There were 327 Teachers College (TC) graduates and 40 International Teachers College (ITC) graduates who came from 11 different countries. The graduation ceremony, however, is not the end of these graduates’ journey with Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan (YPPH). Each of them will be sent and assigned to become teachers in schools under YPPH, and other affiliated schools. They will be practicing the things they have learned for four years in schools all over Indonesia and even the world. These graduates will be assigned in schools all over Indonesia, stretching from Sabang to Merauke, as well as other schools in other countries such as Cambodia, Kenya, and many more. The Rector of UPH, Dr. (Hon) Jonathan L. Parapak, M.Eng.Sc, sent these graduates off with a warm message. “Remember that the Lord has said that He will be with us until the end of times. I am very sure that UPH has taught teachers with a systemic education. Here, we are shaping the quality of human resources who also have a strong faith,” he stated. Dr. Sheldon Nord, Ph.D, President of Corban University, who is currently in affiliation with TC and ITC UPH, was also present to witness the ceremony, inaugurate the graduates, and to give them their B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) from Corban University USA. In his message for the graduates, Sheldon pointed out three important things. “First, manage your heart. The heart is the centre of your life, the most basic thing in life. When no one is around to see, make sure that your integrity stays. Second, always strive to be the best. God always appreciates His children’s effort in trying to be the best. Third, always follow The Lord because God is the way, the truth and the life. Without Him, all of your dreams will be in vain,” he stated. In this graduation ceremony, Dr. (HC) James Riady, Founder of UPH was also present to appreciate the learning process these graduates have gone through. James believed that TC and ITC UPH have a very rigorous learning, because students are required to be proficient academically and spiritually. Students are also required to have high adaptability skill. Because of all that, he wanted to give his deepest appreciation because they have finally reached the finish line. In the same occasion, Connie Rasilim, S.S, B.Ed, M.Pd., th Dean of Teachers College UPH, also pointed out that the graduates need to understand their identity in order for them to face Industry 4.0 and its high accessibility and easy access to technology, as well as its intense digitalization. “With the development in education and the current trend, the most evident challenge is the accessibility that the world offers. Digitalization, access to technology, and the plan that Indonesia’s government has for the Industry 4.0 have required us to take part in it. However, this also becomes a significant challenge at the same time. The simplicity offered by the world should be accompanied with graduates’ readiness to understand their identity. If they are not ready, they will be consumed by the world,” Connie stated. Connie believes that Teachers College has taught the graduates to understand their identity and equip them with solid theology with Biblical Christian Worldview based on the Reformed Theological Framework. TC and ITC UPH also has an international standard which has been attained with its collaboration with the Corban University of USA. This graduation ceremony was attended by families and colleagues who came from various cities and some even came from abroad. These graduates will start teaching in their assigned schools starting from July 2019 to give back everything that they have learned for years for the people and for God. Now, the Teachers College of UPH has had 2.060 alumni since the graduation of its first batch. These graduates are currently assigned to teach in schools under YPPH all over Indonesia.