UPH’s Industrial Engineers Promotes Multifunction Product and Quality Control Works.

The Industrial Engineering program study at Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) holds an exhibition each semester. This time, the exhibition, which was held on 1 April 2019 at UPH Lippo Village, is about multifunction products and quality control.

A multifunction product is a product that has many functions, whereas quality control is a process by which quality requirements involved in production are checked by entities.

This exhibition integrates the knowledge learned in Industrial Engineering, which was gained at the beginning of the semester. It is applied in order to create a product ready for marketing. Comprised of 14 groups that have six to seven senior members each, students are required to create a product worthy for a company, plan, take into account consumer survey, carry out a cost-benefit analysis, and other processes important in product creation.

According to Natalia Hartono, a professor of Industrial Engineering, “The benefit that can be gained is that the students get to intimately know the knowledge they learned from the beginning of the semester to the end, such as concepts of supply chain management, planning, and product handling, or business concepts such as accounting, strategy management, marketing, and so on.”

Kristianto, a student who participated in the exhibition, created a machine that is programmed to select colors of objects. Kristianto stated that the original idea came because one factor taken into account during QC is the color of the object. This helps to determine whether or not the product is ready for use.

In an interview, Kristianto explained, “With my team, we created a color sorter machine. This sorting machine is able to separate objects based on its color. For now, the colors accounted for