Conservatory of Music UPH Invites World Class Composer, Gevorg Sargsyan.

“Indonesia is in need for more professionals in music conducting, who are able to lead an orchestra. This country might as well need a professional or a manager, who has the advocacy capability to convince the government, the system, and other stakeholders to provide greater care to music in this country,” said Vahur Luhutsalu, a lecturer in UPH Conservatory of Music (CoM) and a professional cellist, in a guest lecture held in CoM UPH, Lippo Village, on April 5, 2019.
The guest lecture was attended by Gevorg Sargysan, one of the most famous international conductors from Armenia. Gregor was present to give masterclass, special lecture, and to conduct a concert.
For many years, Gevorg Sargsyan has been working as the Assistant Director and Conductor for the Armenian National Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre. He has had numerous experiences and achievements as the conductor of many concerts in Europe and around the world.
Vahurs said that Indonesia is in need for more orchestral musician and professionals to support it. This statement was brought up due to the fact that there is so little amount of good quality orchestral music compared to the 250 million lives in Indonesia.
“Indonesia is a complex country compared to America, for example, with its 300 million lives and more orchestral musician; and because of that, I invited Gevorg to deliver a special lecture and a masterclass. In the other hand, I want this concert to be as successful as the one Gevorg has done previously with Jakarta Symphonic Orchestra,” he added.
Aside from a guest lecture on ‘Building Community Orchestra as Tool of Music Education, Audience Development and Professional Music Making with the Best Practice in Singapore and Around the World’, the active participants of the masterclass were also able to become the conductor for Easter Celebration concert.
“Gevorg composed two pieces: Dvorak dan Sibelius. The rest will be conducted by the active participants of this masterclass. This is a really good thing since students were able to gain experience through an orchestral concert,” said Vahur.
Truthfully, this was the main purpose of Gevorg Syrgyas’s visit to UPH; to teach them conducting and to train them on becoming a musician, but even more than that, he wanted t