Transformative Holistic Education: "Strengthening Education and Promoting Culture" (By: UPH Chancellor - Dr. (Hon) Jonathan L. Parapak, M. Eng. Sc.).

We are grateful as we celebrate the National Education Day (HARDIKNAS) with the theme “Strengthening Education and Promoting Culture“, at the time when the emphasis on development in the next 5 years is to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR).

Right now, we are experiencing a life transformation because of the development of digital technology. This was experienced during the General Election process that we just carried out.

UPH is very aware of the importance of the quality of human resources for the sustainable development of Indonesia towards the just and prosperous society that we all aspire to.

UPH emphasizes holistic education to prepare professionals and aspiring leaders with character, an elevated faith, and knowledge that is ready to be carried out for the betterment and welfare of the nation and people of Indonesia.

The Vision of UPH, namely, true knowledge, faith in Christ, and godly character, is the basic belief and guidance to produce professionals who are ready to serve with high integrity and cutting-edge expertise. The call of UPH is to continuously improve the quality of education throughout the archipelago of Indonesia by educating and preparing international qualified teachers. UPH is also called to participate in the field of health services by preparing professional doctors and nurses to improve the quality of health services throughout the archipelago of the nation.

The holistic education at UPH is comprehensive, emphasizing the stability of spiritual life, character, sports, and various skills demanded by the 4.0 industrial society, and subsequently the 5.0 society.

Right now, UPH, through the Pelita Harapan Education Foundation (YPPH), has come with excellent education in various regions such as Nias, North Sumatra, Sulawesi, Sangir, NTT, Papua, and Rote.

The presence of students from all over the archipelago with a diverse culture has made UPH a “Mini Indonesia” which continues to be strengthened and promoted in the framework of diversity; the richness that is owned by the Indonesian people.

Happy National Education Day, with a commitment to continuously improve the quality of education and to advance the Indonesian culture that we love.