A Message from the Coordinator of the 3rd Region Private University Coordinator (Kopertis) during the 33rd UPH Graduation Ceremony.

Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, MS.–coordinator of the 3rd Region Kopertis was invited as guest speaker on the second day of the 33rd UPH Graduation Ceremony, June 2, 2018, in the Grand Chapel building of UPH. Illah gave his message to 612 graduates who were present at the time.

He talked about the definition of “RICH” which stands for:
1. Risk: when we do something, there must have been some risk in it, for example, the elementary school students now might grow up and work jobs that does not exist now. All of you might become entrepreneurs, get married, or maybe work in firms. The most important thing is to count every risk that you might have to face.
2. Innovation: we will be appreciated when we can contribute through our innovation and when we can keep innovating. By innovating we can live our life in balance, therefore, use your right brain to work, so that you can work with creativity.
3. Character: attitude is really important, because you will need it when you serve the community where it is always better to give than to receive, or even than giving nothing at all.
4. How to contribute: any contribution we can give to our community, no matter how small, is always great. You might think that having a low GPA can stop you from contributing something, but your GPA won’t decide your future because many companies might employ smart people, while at the other hand, those who are not so bright usually become the boss. Everyone have their own role and because of that, be a useful person for the society.
His last message for the graduates is, “You are able to become who you are today not because of yourself, you have your parents, your guardian, your amazing partners, and their prayers. Hopefully, their prayers will be answered by God. Be patient and within the next 5 to 10 years, you will become successful people in your respective fields. Therefore, after the ceremony is over, go to your parents and thank them, and don’t forget to apologize for your mistakes, treat them like king and queen, write this tenet down, remember it, and be the joy of their life.”

He wants to educate the graduates as future leaders by teaching them about how is it going in the industrial sector and the role of other people who will help them throughout their life. Aside from that, his message also reminds the graduates to become reach, it might not be in terms of material, but in terms of spirituality, and character; these graduates have to become people who appreciate others, because such a character is an invaluable wealth.