Personality Quiz.


I like to work on cars

I like to do puzzles

I am good at working independently

I like to work in teams

I am an ambitious person, I set goals for myself

I like to organize things, (files, desks/offices)

I like to build things

I like to read about art and music

I like to have clear instructions to follow

I like to try to influence or persuade people

I like to do experiments

I like to teach or train people

I like trying to help people solve their problems

I like to take care of animals

I wouldn’t mind working 8 hours per day in an office

I like selling things

I enjoy creative writing

I enjoy science

I am quick to take on new responsibilities

I am interested in healing people

I enjoy trying to figure out how things work

I like putting things together or assembling things

I am a creative person

I pay attention to details

I like to do filing or typing

I like to analyze things (problems/ situations)

I like to play instruments or sing

I enjoy learning about other cultures

I would like to start my own business

I like to cook

I like acting in plays

I am a practical person

I like working with numbers or charts

I like to get into discussions about issues

I am good at keeping records of my work

I like to lead

I like working outdoors

I would like to work in an office

I’m good at math

I like helping people

I like to draw

I like to give speeches

Personality Quiz

These people are often good at mechanical or athletic jobs. Good college majors for Realistic people are: - Agriculture - Health Assistant - Computers - Construction - Mechanic/Machinist - Engineering - Food and Hospitality Related Pathways: - Natural Resources - Health Services - Industrial and Engineering Technology - Arts and Communication

These people like to watch, learn, analyze and solve problems. Good college majors for Investigative people are: - Marine Biology - Engineering - Chemistry - Zoology - Medicine/Surgery - Consumer Economics - Psychology Related Pathways: - Health Services - Business - Public and Human Services - Industrial and Engineering Technology

These people like to work in unstructured situations where they can use their creativity. Good majors for Artistic people are: - Communications - Cosmetology - Fine and Performing Arts - Photography - Radio and TV - Interior Design Related Pathways: - Public and Human Services - Arts and Communication

These people like to work with other people, rather than things. Good college majors for Social people are: - Counseling - Nursing - Physical Therapy - Travel - Advertising - Public Relations - Education Related Pathways: - Health Services - Public and Human Services

These people like to work with others and enjoy persuading and and performing. Good college majors for Enterprising people are: - Fashion Merchandising - Real Estate - Marketing/Sales - Law - Political Science - International Trade - Banking/Finance Related Pathways: - Business - Public and Human Services - Arts and Communication

These people are very detail oriented,organized and like to work with data. Good college majors for Conventional people are: - Accounting - Court Reporting - Insurance - Administration - Medical Records - Banking - Data Processing Related Pathways: - Health Services - Business - Industrial and Engineering Technology

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